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Illegal Drugs and Vulnerability


 Women, Illegal Drugs and Vulnerability

Published in Cape May County Herald. : 

The United Nations April 19 adopted a new framework for drug control and made a report which states, “…to address and counter the world drug problem, appropriate emphasis should be placed, on individuals, families, communities and society as a whole, with a view to promoting and protecting the health, safety and well-being of all humanity.”


Women, Development And Poverty.


Creating development means creating goods and services of greater value. So now we want to talk not about wealth creation, but about human rights and freedom.

If we study the history of development and poverty, we will find that western farm surpluses are caused mostly by productivity improvements caused by advances in farm machinery and crop chemistry (fertilizers, pesticides, etc.). "In the US that translates to 3% of the population feeding the other 97% and


Women's Day, Sacrifice And Love


"One is bound to bear luck. Everything depends on luck. If you were lucky, the husband wouldn't leave his wife," she said.

"You were proud of your husband," I told her.  "He was a unique diamond. Now there you are. Men are too selfish. They love women until they are young to satisfy them. When the wife gets older, they go out in search of young women."
She added, "Why are you adding sorrow in my mortal life? Whatever it may be, he was my husband for ten years. Do you remember the days when he sat in a hunger strike for seven days to


Story of a disappearance


Published in United Press International Asia News (UPI Blog.

 (Revised article)  "Did you hear? he disappeared at
1:30 a.m., the last night he was at work," informed my friend, one of
his colleagues. When I heard this news, I felt suffocated, as
though the earth had crumbled.

I remembered how he told me last month, "I can be proud only if I
get a chance to marry your friend."  He spoke as he lit a cigarette,


Weeping For Life, Beauty And Love.


Published in UPI Asia blog.

 I am walking alone on this road. It is raining lightly after a heavy shower. In the far distance, I can see cars' headlights. On this lonely and calm road, I am walking silently.

"Nights are generally fearful and dangerous. If possible, no one
should walk during the night," he used to say. Earlier, I did not care
about my father's words, but now I realize their importance.


People in search of a future (freedom, security and opportunity)


Published in UPI ASIA New Blog.

(Revised article) A desire for financial  freedom, financial security and opportunity is sending many of young people out of their county in search of better lives.
A friend of mine who recently moved said her life there was an improvement.

"I feel secure. My son goes to school regularly and my husband has
started to work," she said. "At least no one will come in the middle



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