Are you becoming depressed? Jerks leaders are the cause


I am penning this article from economics and psychological perspective. How a person who is constantly thinking about the universe not only oneself, like me.
Will definitely get depressed if bad leaders are destroying finance, public security and consultancy. The frustration gets stronger if those leaders are still flesh out.

I figure lots of my friends are also on the same boat. If you opine about bad politics, you get frustrated that will direct you to get depressed.

But one direction I can relieve myself to write more and prove myself.

I am emphasizing here how to must disrupt usual leaders by reducing off their incomes. The endeavor to cut away their money by monitoring their cash transfers is one means. But more must be done to completely disrupt their attempts to get more money. But equally a simple person you genuinely can’t do anything.

I understand, hate breeds more hate, therefore I must start here. But then I must go further. The very predictable result of unchecked poverty, suffering and misery will be in unusual ways. This declaration is herewith set as my comment policy.

I also think now, it would be futile for me to list the many reasons from my writings to protect liberty, justice and peace and defeat visionless leaders. More efficient, I opine, is simply to produce more writing.

I am considering here, why I want to spend more time on those topics since I am not a politician. Only I must acknowledge that there are two sides to every issue. It is not enough to condemn only bad, ineffective leadership, but I must fight intellectually. My question today is how to defeat chaos and hatred, death and destruction, financial crimes and usual self serving government? This is one of the reasons I like to write once each week – write, publish, and ensure that all themes are covered. I will never let threats, from whatever quarter, stop me from speaking out. Inefficient usual leaders’ propaganda and false news must be declined.

I am assisting you here how you can help your country from all unusual political chaos? Write like me continue to keep people aware. You hold back writing to strive for a better democracy. My solution is here you work with local organizations after each effort to raise economics, employments and uplift the educational establishment.

I am also planning every month to organize a seminar and want to put subjects on the dining table for discussion. I think writing frequently will resist the tough government. But make sure the ideas speak to the loftiest themes. Hence that a bad politician cannot exploit good thoughts to serve evil. To halt them, though, takes not just your argument, but the forces of law and order. I believe, economic prosperity, requires consensus and commitment among the best government.

I likewise believe, how poor economy can slant the problem. Poor economy and poverty is harmful to the same movement.

My statement is here, corruption and bad leaders or politics are the primary reason to diverts portfolios away from domestic investment.

As I too desire to argue here, poverty will disrupt lives and reduces people’s access to basic services. The risks of crimes are higher when people survive in poverty. Good politics or policy is indispensable to effectively implement poverty related programs.

The bad usual leaders will also gradually push World’s political future into question. It has made it all the more difficult. So a resolution of the ongoing economic infrastructure is the most vital prerequisites for reducing poverty and rejecting bad leadership. Poverty is a cause and a consequence of the abuses.

I am trying to help to defuse tensions and build a sustainable democracy through promoting the targeted poverty reduction strategies. I am emphasizing here like through good governance programs, encouraging protection of the rights of minority groups expanding the role of the media to offer objective information. I likewise desire to promote international cooperation to curb illicit trafficking in small arms. Because useless politics is making me more frustrated.

I nonetheless have not got any answer why a world has failed to cope with the rise in demand for food grains? More than half of the world’s people still live under poverty. Because bad leaders drastically reduce economic growth. I am building up my strategy like how I can stimulate further development? How can I integrity of tax collection? How to build more Hospitals and schools to achieve economic sustainability?.

Bad leadership will push the world back to the 5th century. The example is a tiny country Nepal. Where I was born, where I was raised. Consequently, my policy and argument is here.

I must demonstrate my ability to achieve public purpose and address the poverty related problems. God protects me from this anger. And bless me to enforce my ideas.