Argue With Pens Rather Than Guns


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Barbara Bush died April 17, however, she will be forever engraved in our hearts and minds as an individual involved in many literacy organizations, and who also served and chaired many literacy committees/organizations. Not only was she the first lady of the United States, but she was fully devoted and dedicated to eliminating the generational cycle of illiteracy in America by supporting programs where parents and their young children can learn together.

I don’t have children of my own, but I started working at the Cape May City Elementary School so that I could love and educate children as if they were my own so that I could also contribute to society, same as Bush. This has led me on a different journey or path than I wanted to be on for many years.

This might be a difficult task, but I don’t mind putting my time into it. "How important is education, especially to young ones," is a question everyone must ask themselves.

Working at this school has provided me with many opportunities each day to learn new things and also learn about many different children so that I can find new ways to equally educate them, understanding that each and every one has their own style of learning and interpreting those understandings.

The young generations are the future of the country; hence they need proper guidance and education so that they can function well, and at the same time become a law-abiding citizen. I want to thank those people from the bottom of my heart who made the decision to support Cape May City Elementary School.

The school is an impressive educational institution and is effective too. The school’s principal, Victoria Zelenak is one of the factors that have made this school even more wonderful, as she not only respects the teachers but also thinks about the welfare of these small children.

She has developed lots of educational programs, including community parents’ interaction and training from which the Cape May community is directly benefitting. Also, teachers Winson and Tarr, with whom I am working, are equally both hardworking. I feel that I am very lucky assisting them at this beautiful school.

The chief aim of the educational programs should initiate a favorable environment for those children who are living in the area so as to make them attend school every day, hence all educational programs need to target all kinds of young ones, especially from a poor financial background and who are learning disabled.

A country or a community can't function unless their children have the right environment for a better education. A small effort towards this cause will make a huge difference.

Now, we are facing gun violence in some of our schools nationwide. It is now time to take serious action on the real impact of such violence. We really have to be worried about it, because, without safety at the school, much of what has been achieved may be lost.

Schools are places where students learn values, as well as the information and skills they need to pass exams and become a civilized citizen.

We also need to spend enough on education, because there should not be a lack of funding for the school's programs.

Today’s children are tomorrow's future, so they ought to be able to go to school without fear. They need to argue with pens rather than with guns.