Democracy And Anti Racism


As an immigrant myself, I have never faced racism or any kind of discrimination in this great country. I think, younger generation need to learn about the importance of human relationships, love, democracy and a great culture. I have teach many women and children in the community how to reconcile them to reduce violence and anger.

Hillary Clinton said recently on President Obama's immigration speech, "I support the president's decision to begin fixing our broken immigration system and focus finite resources on deporting felons rather than families." Hillary Clinton thanking him and also urging a legislative solution. Democratic presidential candidate in 2016 Clinton further said, "The president taking executive action on immigration." She is always been supporting a comprehensive reform of the immigration system.

US democracy and democratic party has always supported the cause of immigration and anti-racism. US is a nation of immigrants. This openness to accept all people from around the world is the beauty and strength of America. This humanitarian approach to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is the bedrock of the US nation. This country has given million of people the right to live on its land. People from all over the world are coming to the U.S for hope, and this country has given them the opportunity to work hard and make their own destiny.

Now, we need a strong commitment and educational policy on immigration and on an anti racism. I think education on anti-racism to people is the only way to make sure about the harmony, freedom and love because of our social and economic situations. I believe unless each and every one of us takes it upon ourselves to utilize the educational program won't be able to control the problems. The challenge is to train people extend and increase care and support system as well as provide voluntary programs to reduce anger violence, anti racism action and discrimination.

And I also think it is important to consider how the gun violence contributes instability in the United States and we should also design all programs so that they are fully integrated with the program. I think we must respect humanity, country and our democracy.

US has given me the freedom to write many articles and made me a very strong woman. Now I believe, my work and writings and what I do for mankind and freedom and women rights is important. On the other hand, today, the United States is committed to fighting terrorism around the world. It is in the best interest of all of mankind to safeguard the freedoms and rights of the people. My alternate proposed solutions to government is follows:

1. Fix and support the cause the immigration system.
2. Develop strong policy for the gun laws and gun control in the United States

I think the key to the reform of liberal democracy in the US, is the education of the masses, a health reform, immigration reform, employment and free press.

I support women's rights and on immigration reforms and anti-racism action.