Empowered Women Can End Poverty


On the abolition of women's poverty, the 20th century was the bad ever. Then why think that women development efforts will make it any better in the 21st or 22nd century? From all the evidence, Anti poverty Theory, the Declaration of Human Rights,  have done something to prevent women's poverty to this date. We can continue making declarations and manifestos, we can continue sending bills to the government or Parliament, so women's development effort will continue. Also, we can hope to think that establishing women's empowerment will accomplish something.

We also have to think, how can we than prevent women's poverty? Will we publish regulations to prevent women's poverty  to persuade more finencial system? Can spending money on research into the causes and consequences of women's poverty produce anything that has already not be researched  by sociologists? Finally, becoming "women's  education" might prevent poverty,  it is highly likely that most women will aspire to this kind of life. A more likely scenario is that the women's poverty will be exploited by the realists for their own purposes.

It is a serious danger, that women's power will destruct, possibly before the end of the twenty-first century is alarmist talk. Therefore, let us consider what it is? It is an strong appeal for a better world  for women as we want it to be.

An argument is a series of definitions and statements by logic and evidence to prove a conclusion.The likelihood of achieving our aspirations are to be found in an analysis of human power, which is a combination of genetic and environmental causes, including the behavior patterns called aggression and women. We have evidence for aggression from infants at birth, before any socialization. Who exhibit aggression when their immediate needs are not met. Also, we have plenty of evidence from primitive and modern societies that aggressions is promoted or inhibited by different cultures, so that some are relatively pacific.

 Thus, the problem of making more women's development and no women's violence amounts to societal restructuring of an environment that promotes peaceful and respectful  behavior patterns. We shall see if our preferences for a women's world are likely to achieve our goals.

On the Global Marshall Plan, which is a system to transfer money gratis  to the poor women and children, no doubt the women will like this. At present, the economic system prefer to spend amounts to the poor women. It seems that the economic system will send huge amounts of money to the poor women for the human kindness.  Best that can be done is to continue with globalization, which takes money from the lower classes women of rich and gives some of it to the poor (the remainder to the rich upper classes) in a way that is palatable to the upper classes of the rich women.

Finally, there is absolutely no logic or evidence that promoting sustainable world economic growth will close the gap between the rich and poor women.

But, still we can work hard and hope collectively for the women's economic empowerment. On the role of  women in constructing a more wealthy world, they have held lots of conferences and written lots of words on the subject for many years, but the result is not persuasive, since women's poverty are still there. However, since promotion to positions of influence and women's power will take a long time to achieve.

It is true, the present culture of  women's violence – not only of physical, but also mental  violence – must be made to disappear, replaced by a culture of good economy. This should be our hoping, supported by logical or factual. In fact, cynical environmentalists prefer that more women's rights is to be encouraged, because they will make the world a better place.
 But logically, I believe, women's economic growth is an essential aspect of human civilization. It allows societies to use existing resources and infrastructure to improve the quality of life. Good economy implies the progress of the  economic,  rights by all. Without economy, ordinary women cannot have a voice in the distribution of resources.

If women are deprived of employment, it is a danger.  So, achieving an economic growth is  inseparable goals.  Until the Government eliminates the poverty, overpopulation, economic decline, fear, deprivation, people's ignorance, women's poverty will remain.  Socio-economic development and employment promotion policy would help those jobless women. Thus,  economic, c and ideological factors that must be addressed for the poverty to be finally resolved.