Helping poor students and economy


There is a difference in providing good education and counseling on education and poverty based on the student's capacity. It is said that the poor students globally, are dependent on government's help for their living and education. But the other hand, the world (the governments) is not doing enough to combat poverty. How much of the population attend school? In certain developing countries a lot of children in villages do not attend school or drop out of school. 

I think it may be time now to throw away the conservative approach to free education that is still dominating and make information and education a central part of the school curriculum. I describe the social responses of fear, denial, and discrimination that accompany this problem.

Socioeconomic development is a combination of  good education system. As long as poverty persists, students will not tire of fighting for economic justice. In this case, we must defeat injustice and poverty. However, it will take a long time. That is why it is important to eliminate poverty, injustice and unemployment. We know, education and economic reforms enhances one's ability to survive. 

If poor students are left uneducated, they won't know too much about a possible better life. Economic reforms also must promote from the grass-root level, since many poor students have strong beliefs, that higher education is useful in work and business pursuits too. These concept will develop on science, agriculture, technologies, art, literature, history, etc. Economic disparity makes poor students more frustrated.

Social inequality stands as a major stumbling block of economic equality. We need to know that unemployment, poverty, and inequality are the explosive social problems. We can't forget how an unemployment and poverty have made this world an unsafe for trade and investment.

We should understand how they can stimulate further growth. How integrity of tax collection can be improved. How hospitals and schools can be established. Biraj Budhathoki, civil-engineering student, argued "there is an economic issues between the students and the schools. All this subjects about 'student's rights', 'rights and equality', etc., is appropriate. All this talk about 'education', 'reforms', 'development' freedom and rights', etc., is more relevant. The main causes of the poverty is lack of money and good education. List of economic grievances of the people, whose profits were curbed by the actions. 

"We need to ignore them and we should not be missing the main causes of the human poverty. To understand its causes we need to talk money and free education. The economic poverty issue of the students is mostly about money and reforms. The point is that the students believe they are being accurately, feared they would be oppressed and subjugated in the near future--and therefore claimed the right to separate from poverty," Biraj said.

Biraj Budhathoki further said, "how major changes in our educational system, affected the student's life? Our development, and education are not the only means to improve the life it might use more of the securing freedom, e.g., build more roads, bridges, hospitals and houses. It can put more youth to work more efficiently. A significant measure relating changes in education and in the schools is economic productivity. It is an important things because it indicates whether more and more people are expended to economic development a given output of goods and services." 

We need to wage voice for free-educational system to improve. Also, how can we protect a detailed economic system so we can work exactly for educational reforms system?. Radical reforms on education needed because that means educational reform will perform elsewhere. People always expressed the idea of spreading good educational system into the world. But, this is a much more difficult task. 

Education is a powerful subject. The issue isn't increasing economic growth. It's the providing essential economic service for the people like national health care for all, and public education that's high quality also for everyone. Also we need to use our educational funds for the poor students. We want to help the poor students and the trouble will end. Even an economic and education are two separate issues. We need to work on both but always to help poor students first.

We all, members of civil society, business community and general people, should extend our active cooperation and also should promote positive working relationships in establishing permanent educational programs for general people.