I am touched on about the social economy


I am more concerned about the socioeconomic development. I have
been playing a crucial role in inspiring the local people and have been contributing to the  economy of development programs like education, and, agriculture, etc. The trend of investing in such the development program is becoming more and more strong. Describe the role of processes in manufacturing, I think investment in accelerating economic growth is by way of infusion of technology and growth patterns. As we all know, the situation has been exercising hard to boost economy.

I have been seeking to contribute greatly in improving the jobs.I believe in quality of life for all. In return, many hardworking people are not adequately recognized by the politicians.

Even in particular, countries with too mauch poverty with an unfavorable refinement, or economy is severe handicapped to make sufficient economic advances that increase the wealth. Although I can certainly hope to get more productive people because of the inevitable trade. Hence, our investment  should produces more services and for producing commodities.

Equally I know we have been moving through a cycle of bad politics uncertainty. But the people like me is trying to understand what are the
fractures in the nation that sustains economy. The politicians should not waste time in reaching across to people living in abject poverty. I ask to take a good leadership and agency in identifying the long-term and short-term projects to  enhancing the economic system.

 It is necessary to keep an investment on education and agricultural sectors. Even I know that the leadership are against improving the economic conditions but need to learn how to move up the career ladder successfully.
We, on its part, must study the suggestions and select the necessary decisions. Effective leadership with strong policies in certain administrative sectors could run a heavy role in the promotion of sustainable economy. 
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