Love Poetry and Christmas in Cape May


I remember the times I used to go out for walks regularly and my friend, used to get her daughter along. It is a good break from domestic chores. Once in a week we also used to go out for lunch, which was another nice break from home cooked food.

Today my friend called. "Thank you for your lovely Christmas card, Kamala. How are you? Do you like it there in Cape May? I am doing well. I still like going up the mountains and I still want to live there. Are you coming to my house this Christmas ? If so I will see you here. Have a good day," she wished me.

I told her "I plan to go to work. Why don't you come and bring your daughter along? I have some Christmas presents for her. Or, do you want to pick it up from my home? I am not sure when I will be able to meet you as I am pretty busy," I said.

"How are things going for you," she asked.

"I have a nice plan for Christmas,  will go for Christmas shopping, which is just a couple of blocks away from my home. I have a much better work environment here. I like it where I live as I can walk to the water front which is just 4 miles away. It is a nice place to relax and the walk is really good," I told her.

I love Christmas. It is a good time to sit back and listen to music, dance and read lots of books. I am not bored with entertainment, but at times I don't need it as I have lots of hobbies.

I could not visit my friend for Thanksgiving. But then, I had a good excuse and now it is Christmas and how I wish my friend was here with her daughter. She is always welcome at my place. I would love to trade poetry with her.

Christmas brings me lot of happiness. I like to see and hear children opening presents from secret Santa. I think of my friends. I think of poems and love. I feel I am getting strong with every passing moment. Christmas makes me want to roam the streets and meet people. I see it as my journey.

I have written about my parents and friends in an attempt to better understand them, life and love. My poems are a reflection of my power of forgiveness and the beauty of life as I perceive it.

Another friend interrupted my thoughts. "Let's go for a walk today," she said.
"I cannot go out today," I said. She got angry, "You are selfish." I looked at her, "Life is not as easy."

"You haven't understood the meaning of life at all. The meaning of life is not to keep your life imprisoned inside your home. " She asked.

"Actually, I love all everybody. The meaning of living is to search for peace, search for respect and search for love, search for freedom" I told her.

I said to my brother this morning, "I want to give you a present for Christmas."
"Yes, of course," he said.

"Why do I feel so good about Christmas," I asked him.

He quickly answered, "Christmas is for peace, love and happiness."

He is right and I agree. I love Christmas.