My friend kept intact her good character.


The house of my friend was not more than fifteen-sixteen minutes walk form mine. She was more than the eldest one in terms of household work and in addition she was the most beautiful girl at the city, so all the boys liked her. Of course, there were some rumors about her marriage when I was at the city. Though economic conditions were extremely weak, she was rich in heart, a number of people would come daily at her house to persuade her to marry and her mother would harass others telling their number counting on her figures.

I'm remembering that how her boy friend had given a ring to her just two years ago. My heart becomes so full just by remembering it.

'If my boy friend change his mind, I will be unhappy". she said at the time of his departure. 'One needs to have faith in love otherwise the meaning of love becomes like pouring water in the sand!' Her boy friend who was standing beside me, had said with satire to her. 'Don't worry'. I'm with you.' I also had spoken in an arrogant manner.

I have bought four pair of rings, powder, and hair band (ribbon) and scented hair oil for her. As She is already beautiful, how she would look with these cosmetics ?' He had spoken with a boast without taking a breath.

The red nose pin in a case which he had given me, I have kept it still very carefully, in the small box on the floor. Cream powder, hair oil and scent all I have kept in the same place. This time even to remember of those things makes me stir up tears in my eyes, I wish to cry my heart out.

After returning from training, probably by learning more about the capital, he had talked about many big things, more than the political leaders on the stage. Then we had gone to market for the day long and then we had some tea and talked about the his girl friend.

Really I had no fear of the world. I was thoughtless and free in the world. I was in a passionate hurry to exchange my feelings with him and had wished to tell, You are the best.

Then, after he started sending letters twice a day, I would wait for the postman everyday. I would give him two rupees as tips to make him happy so he also would come first to my house. I used to be greatly pained If I didn't see the postman even for a day, and I used to go and sit under the shade of a tree which was over my house facing South.

"Kamala sister always I see only your face in front of me. I have been so much restless to meet you. At all times, I have been living with your love". I repeat his last letter again.

"My husband loves me so much. I love him too, so passionately as though life itself comes with it. Since marriage we even have not talked with full satisfactions". My friend also said. Her mother said with great pain. I will show to the world that my wife is beautiful with a good character. She is a great woman. I have faith on her".