My HIV Positive Friend


She told me she does not like to remember and that she is buried in her own mind's conflict of her human reality: with a forced obligation she had to sell her body, she did so with an unknown fear – a terror and a fright – which created an empire of its own. She felt restless. And she was disgusted at every moment with the kind of life she was forced to live.

She told me, "Kamala, When I think of it, my heart trembles. My mother had a dream exactly like my dream: that her daughter receive an education by going to the city, so that she could stand on her own two legs to make a living. But I was brought to this terrible whorehouse and sold by my own uncle's son.I was sold, where thousands of girls were sold; they were forced to sell their bodies for a small amount of money.

This is a place where human vultures spend money to play foul with a girl's raw flesh. Yes, the honor of these girls was ruined for just for a handful of coins. How could I survive in a place such as that? My heart was filled with depression. but I was unable to express any of my own feelings to others because the trade of females was widespread in the city – from the big lodges to the hotels and to the large yellow mansions. In that place – that brothel – was a bargain of girls who were forced into prostitution and who had inflicted upon them each day unspeakable, despicable deeds.

My dreams were shattered and splashed all over in the brothel.She cried with me.



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