The Nepali are political casualties.


The situation of the Nepalese population remained unchanged for more than 30 years. The so-called multiparty democracy becomes a multicorrupt crowd. In the meantime, as before, deportations, killings and extortions continue in Nepal. Some political parties will continue to carry out extortion, 

Violence. They do nothing but devote their time and energy to quarrels.

People continue to suffer as a result of unchecked and unequal inflation.  People are helpless, and their grief is multiplied by politics. Criminal politicians, their supporters and government officials are all implicated in deep corruption. 

These gang leaders from Congress, UML, Maoists and certain insane parties have done nothing for the nation and the people. People are forced to see it all with pain. These gangs only crave power and hunger.

They are putting up roadblocks for the people of Nepal or the country. Staying at the forefront of domestic politics and stealing the money is only their failed policy.

Politics in Nepal are not for the sake of the people.  Nepal, with an appetite for sound leadership.

The general public is going through a political crisis. 

And peace and harmony in the country and they are confronted with the difficulties of passing the natural life in the country. The country facing uncertainty and violence is not right. 

Nepal is confronted with an uncertain landscape and constitutional challenges regarding eligibility for each political exercise. Following incomplete negotiations on the sharing of power between the parts of the alliance, there is no effort or progress to end the era of 'political victimization and vendetta'. The Alliance is unable to truly unite and maintain peace and political stability in the country. 

People want to see the political leaders more accountable before the law and regulations governed by the national constitution.

People are miserable day after day. Let people determine the policies they want. People's democracy must not be restricted in the papers and speeches. In Nepal, domestic politics ought not to be political leadership. However, national politics must be for the welfare and the desire of the people. No change, it is known, is seen in Nepalese politics at all if we talk about sateen. In the land at the heart of the people known as the power of the popular system, person-to-person politics did not see people. Because of the fear and instability of national politics, people are out of the ordinary life facing horror and danger in all areas of life".

The state policy remains extremely tense and dangerous. This time we can only wait for the picturesque conflict and quarrel for the division of power and corrupt politics in personal interest. 

In the national interest and the public interest, the current national policy could never have been established. However, the people and the country want and need a person-centered democracy, not a leadership democracy.

Nepal's political system must be put in place. No progress can be made, nor can anything be done to help people. 

Until national politics is liberated from vandalism, insurgency, personal egoism.

These gang leaders from Congress, UML, Maoists and certain insanity parties do not have an appropriate plan to move forward. Unless their parties and their crimes are totally destroyed, Nepal will not survive. That's enough, and I know why the king was thrown out of those incompetent gangs. 

The gang of criminals resembles the scale of a clock commuted to the force of a battery charge that is displaced by outside forces.

There was no consensus on the proposed special policy.