Standard of living, with faster productivity growth


I have sketched in this article how we can uplift living standards with faster productivity growth?. How financing economic programs among people can assure the economic growth? I want to prioritize development and the economy are together with value. And also 

The developer can never accomplish the ideal of full percent.  I have to know that there are always some waste or defects.  One object lesson I can debate about agriculture productivity.

I believe growth of more factories and industries result more work. And it helps higher standards of living. Finance programs among people also secure the evolution. 

I want to focus here Providing cheaper food, better health system, and affordable education is important for local economic development.

I am trying to outline that a significant measure relating to the changes has been always economic productivity. It is a significant issue because it indicates whether more and more people are expended for economic development.  Development and economy must be focused on with sufficient competition. How can we possibly do better than that? 

Low or cost of people means more people can buy the goods. The rise and fall of the incomes over the unemployment and costs need to be addressed. In spite of this shortcoming, I suppose one can track it regularly. Follow it carefully as an indicator of economic progress. Of course, people who can provide lower prices to achieve sufficient revenues. 

The point I am getting at is that by balancing the amount of revenue, will create more goods available to more people. The economic system is a criterion of the ability to produce more things. In this case, I think we can save an effort in a long production.  So multiplying the cost savings and price reductions of consumer commodities. Saving can be commuted  from one form to another. Which is vital work. But securing economic growth is not easy breaking.  Because of economic crises, poverty, unemployment, resource depletion, product substitution. 

She holds a masters degree in economics.