Value Love And Friendship


Published in, : I wanted my friendship very much and from the day I met them it had been a kind of my weakness not to be able to take out our friendship from my brain. I always met them waiting for me, I thought he was a great friends with great respect. In fact, I felt that I would write poems on our friendship. Oh! Every evening in the flower garden and far from there forward the mountain I went out. So Beautiful life. 
Everybody imagines pleasant things. It is said that if you involve yourself in imagination for a while you are able to forget your pain easily. But now all my actions are not limited themselves. I am still around the small trees. The path is full of natural scene. Along the way a little further away there is a resting home for the walkers to rest and a small tap of water. 
As the whole yesterday it was raining, the day in a way is cloudy. Particularly, I don't like these kinds of days at all. Now, I have put on the beautiful cloth and going. My friends like this my outfit.  They had told me this once. 
The reason I love one of my childhood friend was, because his father drank a lot and moved about outside with girls. He didn't spare even mother's gold necklaces and rings. I don't have even a memory of his mother's face, but other people say that she was beautiful. A young woman of just twenty four twenty five years, she left her drunken husband. Same people are of opinion that what she did was good as it is better to die drowning than live with a husband who was such a drunk. While others criticize her as to how she could leave a child who had not been able to move out move out of her lap. 
After that his childhood passed in want. I heard, he was mentally sick. Never did he has to eat nice food, nor wear nice dress. That past he has fully forgotten now. 
It was almost two months I haven't been able to meet my special friend. In a life, where I have to remain without friendship for a long time like this it is the first time. I feel disgusted not to be able to meet my friend, really unpleasant.
Is it that the time hasn't given its company, or is it because he is sick. Whatever may be the cause because I haven't met him and my mind is filled with sadness is a way. In fact, me and my friend had come across each other suddenly. This does not mean the intention that we shouldn't have met. The meeting had to occur and we did meet. But this much is certain that the first meeting was as a kind of co-incidence. The relatives have a thinking that this shouldn't have happened. Whatever thinking people have we shouldn't follow them blindly. Such questions do arise in my mind. At this moment my life itself has turned into a flood of unanswered questions. The questions are there, and this has become life in my definition.  
I still remember, how I was walking with a view to meeting my friend. Carrying the beauty of my honor, love and time reviewing the situation with the hope of meeting my friend. I was walking. It was not easy to walk like this in the heat of the sun for full two hours. It was a big thing even for a common person, and as for me this time it was more troublesome. 
Howsoever I would attempt to go forward in my journey to run away reality, the truth of the acting heart with the beauty of my life, which has almost become my ideal, cann't be denied. How pleasant was that moment when I think of it my mind was thrilled with emotions, but even then many aspects although equal, the life at any time represents pleasant. The time definition-of life may be that. 
This was the very path on which we used to walk together for six or seven years ago. To define life in our way and to keep intact the joys of life, we used to think of these things only. In my house far away from the city there was a flower garden.I was deep in imagination most of the time. To see the moon shine every night and to see the flowers looking at the distant mountains through the window every morning would be my daily routine.  
"Did you know that your friend got married just five weeks ago? The bride was your friend too. Did you know or now? and you should be invited". My friend  told me in such a tone that as if she had no faith in our friendship and love. 
I was as if woken up shaken from a deep sleep. I felt beauty in my heart. I am happy. I know, the journey was not yet over. My two beautiful friends got married. I still want to meet him and to reach his home have to walk almost two more hours. I am still walking to see my beautiful friends.