Women’s participation in Media And Discrimination


According to a survey on women in the media, it is estimated that women represent fewer percent of employees in newspapers and magazines, films and radio broadcasting in most of the countries in the world.

Furthermore, a smaller percentage is engaged at the managerial level. One of the main reasons for limited involvement of women in the press and in the field of writing may be their isolation from exposure and exchange of ideas with the outside world. Many women deliberately avoid this because they think journalism means hard work and less pay. Hence, it seems that we at first must direct efforts to make print media stand on its feet.

Since the fourth estate remains one of the pillars of democracy, all possible help must be rendered to the print media for its healthy growth. This being the reality, it has always been difficult for the media to flourish. As there is no adequate representation of women journalists in the media, more and more women should be encouraged to join the profession.

Women’s participation in mass media began some years ago. Since then, different women personalities have been persevering to raise the female cause in the media almost on a regular basis. But still, women’s participation in the existing media as journalists, editors and reporters is very nominal. This applies to both print and electronic media.

We should remember the two requirements for women’s professional development in media: 1) It is necessary to have an objective media and 2) It is necessary to have a readership educated enough to absorb their output. That way, when the media exposes noncooperation and selfishness, a literate population can put effective pressure to protect their rights and freedom.

There is and always will be incompetence, noncooperation and discrimination against women, but when brought to light in the media, literate people are informed of the issues so that they can pressure the legislators to eliminate at least the worst faults. In this case, discrimination against women will be defeated because of good articles arrayed against women. However, it will take a long time because it is difficult. So media can show that the women’s development’s philosophy has been workable in practice. As for the objective media, I don’t know how much opportunity some media have to make socio/political analyses on women.

The trouble is, the media doesn’t give it any attention and people don’t read the alternative media.  But media must be fair, and accurate. Support a voice for women in media, which is recognized worldwide – stand up against a system that considers the discrimination of women. This code of conduct is forgotten very often while writing on women’s issues. The media should improve its own restrictions and standards on items that humiliate and discriminate women.

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