Cape May romantic and attractive in the spring.


I usually spend my time at the Bay looking at the twilight with the touch of cool breeze that always makes Cape May romantic and attractive in the spring. My love for this place is beautiful. The beaches and the ocean with the sound of the waves have always inspired me to write poems and articles about the beauty of this place. Some people may find this place lonely but I find Cape May one the happiest place in all of America.

Spring is here and all of this is going to preserve as people are migrating each passing year. Even, the non-availability of year round full time job, drug-abuse followed by accidents and other crimes are the main reason that is making me sad and lonely. The expenses and cost is increasing in comparison to the income of people. Creating job opportunities for people will eventually stop the crimes in this region. I think eliminating this problem will once again make people fall in love with this place and people wont have to separate themselves with their family and friends.

Although hotels and other local businesses prepare for summer by hiring people and decorating for aesthetic looks, it is not hard to earn living in the spring. I find many of my friends preparing about this very reason. They too are planning to do many activities and ask me for suggestions. I find it quite exited. On one hand there is this magnificent beauty on the other the spring we are preparing.

Beaches here that I can see from my house.  I have been seeing some good weather on the news. Today, when I took my usual walk along the Cape May Beach, which was at high tide, and watched a fisherman who lives down the street from my house.  

He said "I love Cape May so I want to make a competitive of my work that will allow my business to grow in Cape May,also will accommodate the weather".

The cultural monuments and festivals, the natural beauty and the environment and above all the easy-going and friendly demeanour of the Cape May, NJ are no doubt plus points.I told him.