Equity system to destroy the corrupt regime


I am calling on the world to reduce extremism, corruption, war and poverty. I believe in advancing equality-based education and values.
Then poverty, corruption, bad governance will decrease, in the long term. I believe that it is a matter of promoting adequate economic, judicial and political equality, the best possible system. So the failed leadership will not overthrow the people. Consequently, the results of poverty reduction and corruption are good at ending extremism and war. I want to see people commit to production and art over war. 

The main cause of my writings is also the way in which killings and maiming can be reduced, How to improve global living standards for people? and it makes people more satisfied. And I'll continue to fight for justice. However, some politicians are ignorant, and acquisitive, such that poverty, war and extremism remain to destroy civilization. 

Therefore, good leadership is necessary. Most of the poverty remains unresolved because of extreme discrimination and corruption towards the poor. Unfortunately, if governments pay attention to themselves, so rich politicians have more favorable environments with the ability and motivation will get a lot of the money while those in the less privileged will go poorly.

Each country needs to redistribute income to the poor, but these efforts are not sufficient to reduce the inequality gap to prevent poverty. This means that poverty will continue. Today, the justice-based economic system must redistribute money to help the poor to avoid creating extreme poverty.

 It is amazing for some people around the world to become extremely rich and some die of poverty from sickness and wars of injustice. The reason d'être of these policies would be detrimental to the economy and the failure of the country and the system. 

This is the reasoning behind a discriminatory economy.
When leaders are opposed to the improvement of the situation as in Nepal. Which means there's no way to reduce poverty, we need to import goods, including knowledge, for the betterment of the economy.

But you have to have enough money to make the economy better. It would be a major contribution if the researchers did an analysis of the cash flows of the economy to determine with a certain accuracy where the money comes from and where it goes. Such an analysis could suggest some equals who would accumulate it in sufficient amounts to spend on improving its development.

So my question is, how do we contribute to equality, how do we have a sense of the fundamental social changes that can occur? How much do social movements or media such as mediaforfreedom.com account for? What about protest, education, public policy, self-growth, alternative institutions, reform?

I am an editor at mediaforfreedom.com