How to counter terrorism, wars and violence?


If all of us seek to love our own country, to uphold our values, and by taking more pride in humanity, we can defeat terrorism and put an end to the illegal war.

By Kamala Sarup

According to the latest developments, one of the major objectives is to: We need to disrupt the financing of terror and violent terrorists. Reducing their revenues from the international trade in drugs and arms. 

The effort to reduce their money by keeping track of their cash transfers is one way to do that but we have to do more to totally undermine their efforts to get more money. Violence drives more violence, wars drive more wars. 

The simple belief of war is not enough. We should also take action on terrorism.The question now becomes how to defeat chaos and hatred, death and destruction, violence and murder. If we all strive to love our own country, to live up to our values, and by taking greater pride in the country we live in, we can defeat terrorism and end illegal warfare.

We should turn to our homes, our families and our communities for the value of humanity. How can the media deal with this? We should publish and make sure that everything related to peace is covered. We cannot let everybody's threats stand in our way. We must stand in the way of their propaganda and false news.

Write continually to keep people informed, particularly when they are afraid of the situation. Keep your fingertips written to fight for a better world.

There is a risk to life if we do not work regularly to supply information. We also have to monitor the actions of the authorities to deal with the situations we face also, when writing about peace, make sure that ideas speak to the highest themes, so that armed groups cannot exploit just thoughts to do evil.

We need to find out how we can improve things. Secure all doors and windows of an armed group. 

There is no cause of terrorism or war. But it demands not only peaceful groups, but law enforcement as well.