Love means to unite the minds


Published in  Every thing is invisible due to dark. I could see no light in people's houses. I opened the letter and read,  I am really happy to see the day to day growing relationship between my friends, my family and me. "Valentine's Day to you. I have a repeated opinion on you.  ' I started to write reply letter in this way .

I remember what  my Mother had told -  Love means to unite the minds of two, a matter which is wider than the sky and attractive as the   flower which blooms in front of our houses. I remember the morning that we wept by keeping hand on hand. People were walking through our houses. I thought, how could the people be so happy ? I could see them laughing in louder sound. 'It is better to live laughingly than to be serious all the time.
  It is raining heavily outside. The night is matured, I kept the letter under the pillow and managed to go to bed.
'It is already morning. won't you get up ?'  My brother sound woke me up. The sun has already crossed a long way of the day. The flowers blooming into earthen pots gave me a kind of pleasure  but the peace inside in the mind and outside in the environment gets quite different situation.
The naked sun is producing heat outside. In leisure time, I compose the lines of poem, I write stories. I wonder to think, what would be the degree of business for a woman ?  My family and friends wrote it . I began to consult e-mail hurriedly .
To live in positive way is my  ideology.  I have planted flowers around the house, the scenery of the house is completely changed.' Struggle and satisfaction / happiness are synonyms , it is my ideology. 
I expect beauty and love in life and I too intend to enlighten the light of harmony. I have composed some poems and written short stories , 'I realize , I must increase their number. I thank you for such inspiration. My  life has shown me right path of life. Now sitting on the top of house, I am counting the stars in the sky.  Valentine's Day is a beautiful gift. 
I had met  lot of my friends,- a never forgettable story .  Some of  my friends by nature are  serious and takes anybody in confidence without delay. Perhaps, friends are trying to grow a plant into the environment of love. Words seem incomplete to explain our relation and love , I think so . One has to compromise with some problems to build or shine the future. No one can compromise to cease life.
I am nearing shrine, on home.
"My friends, my family, we will complete our life soon, no one can keep constant one's mind.  While buying the bunch of  roses, I thought, ' I would handover it to you all with a earnest request to compose a poem on life and love. I would request my friends and family  to compose a poem of beauty. '
At the moment I reach home.
Valentine's Day to my friends and family.