Performing Theater Drama


When I was studying in a public school, I was always a good student and a very good artist. I studied many subjects, including drama, acting, music, dance, literature and philosophy. When I was in 10th grade at my school, I performed a beautiful love drama by Kalidasa, an Indian poet and dramatist who was born in the 4th century A.D.

I was a main character, and my cousin played my son. We performed our play at the local stage.

When my character, girl Shakuntala comes to her husband's place, her husband refuses to recognize her and her son. At that time, she was walking on the street with her son and had lost the ring given by her husband. He does not believe that she is his wife.

She felt pain that her own husband couldn't offer her the love she expected. In fact, what she required most was love from her husband. She felt very bad. In a way, such scenarios bring imbalance and are sorrowful. She was a young, beautiful woman, but she experienced such sadness on her journey of life.

Although the place where her husband lives should be pleasant, yet her husband didn't recognize her. Even the idea of her husband brought fear to her. Certainly, She remains in a way dissatisfied with herself, and her suffering has no end. She often feels agitated when she questions herself. By the end of the play, She is very
unhappy and suffering.

I tried to research the meaning of her. I was trying to find a destination for her. I really found beauty in her's character. A beautiful feeling falls over me and is able to be
performed. I happened to be friendly with the character. Of course, through this play, writer Kalidasa shows the harsh realities of life. And I feel she will escape from these, and then more sentimental and beautiful days may begin.

Sometimes I wish I could perform again. My heart believes completely
that my character will never be far from me.
Published in UPI Asia blog.