When journalism turns unilateral and false.


When journalism turns unilateral and false. Description: Much of the press is politically or controlled. I believe some of the newspapers are quite conservative as well. When journalism is a one-way street, sympathy and objectivity of truth are lost! Writing as in one-sided articles across the media, or the media being politically unilateral. Journalism, which is especially foreign, investment or political investment is dangerous to the nation and national interests, equality, truth and humanity! I did a master's degree in journalism and I discovered why some journalists lie about their propaganda sources? It would be a good idea for certain unilateral media outlets that publish or broadcast only news, points of view and unilateral perspectives to close. I have seen most corporate media making unilateral reports and deceiving the world. The sense of anti-peace, good governance, equality and justice is Sky Rocket. I am also talking about the fact that the major newspapers are all less unilateral and confusing, not telling the truth. I want to pause some of the activities of the propaganda media to investigate their role in the disorder of humanity. Hopefully the newspapers will respect national integrity and national security. If newspapers are convicted of an offense, the prosecution is required. Good, fair journalism is always fair. Much needed against bad politicians. For example, However, in the national conflict, war and economic problem some newspapers present a picture that shows how to account for each goal of the issues. Which is needed for healthy debate. How can journalism do this with terror, violence, corruption, bad governance, warfare, abstraction, that is, the sum of actions over time? Journalism May twisted information in support of corrupt governance, discrimination, violence and terrorism, and the ability to influence the news to discredit these matters. The two reports are distorted. An impartial and truthful report means to report facts about issues, not only choose facts that match the prejudices of the reporter and the editor, but ignore others. As well, reporting misinterpretation of facts is detrimental for the same reason. Some journalists do it all the time, in part to ensure that their readers and advertisers can continue to read and fund them. Researchers who write in trade journals are a bit more honest. It is difficult for me to find an unbiased book on questions which is to tell all the facts and logical interpretations. In short, reporting positive or negative truths on these matters only confuses people and leads them to take wrong steps based on false information. It's hard for ordinary people to find the truth in the press, but they have no choice. If we are aware, all we can do is totally avoid reading biased papers. The only way for people to look at it is through the press. The more unbiased the press, the better, like what a press doesn't give people. When the press loses its credibility and when people find the newspaper, particularly lied and gross distortions as they will be out of their business. An even stronger U.S. Patriot Act, a Center for Public Integrity project, could allow for wiretapping of news. This means that journalists should or can play an objective role. In my opinion, freedom of the press does not mean that the press can promote false articles on the one hand. The press should not be unilaterally. Much of the press is politically or controlled. I believe some of the newspapers are quite conservative as well. In favor of good governance, peace, prosperity and economic growth, equality, a better political system and an equitable democracy, the press should feel responsible. Copyright mediaforfreedom.com