Economic policy between rich and poor


I want to outline in this article about the importance of putting out the objectives of economics. Because economy means consumer or producer goods and service that is used to be dealt.

I am also trying to argue in this article about poverty eradication from an economic point of depression.

I perpetually like to advocate “economic reform policy”. Even I can understand there is distinguish between the ancient Greek economic system. A Greek economic system which was not very pro poor, since only a select few could pull ahead. And I am attempting to sketch the current economic policy, where much more of the population can do serious.

It is a useful issue I want to conjure up. Since everyone knows what current economic reforms are all more or less.

In fact, the economic reform policy can run across both the rich and poor. Because there are heaps of goods and services from which the rich and poor can share together. There are dozens of different investments from which the rich and poor can choose.

For example, If this year the rich and poor people want to buy more vacations instead of machines. Then only some cars might go unsold until they are unloaded at a low cost. Which may be less than the cost. In this case, the car manufacturer suffers the consequences. The investors in the company suffer too.

If the vacationers are in larger numbers than usual. The hotel rooms might be occupied. The masses with money will utilize it to purchase other goods. And services maybe cars or invest it may be in vacation hotels. However, the economy always buys consumer or producer goods and services that are available to be sold.

I realize that there are poverty needs to be solved.

Even if redistributing income from the rich to the poor. This policy does not close the inequality gap sufficiently to prevent poverty. And besides, the poor always buy less expensive things and invest less. But, the economic reform policy always develops to produce valuable goods and services.

From my understanding, if the average wages go down, more people will be miserable. And if the money belongs to the upper economic classes, then it will cause suffering for the poor people.

As I want to clarify that some states like Nepal will have very hard to sustain the economy. Because it has no ocean shores from which Nepal can send goods to other regions of the world cheaply.

As an economist myself, I realize why it is hence important to follow these suggestions. We must examine the suggestions and take the necessary decisions. Only an efficient government with strong policies could play a great role. With the advancement of sustainable growth in the long run. We endure to have a policy and a political system that is for the economy.