Embracing Cape May's Arts Scene and Jacob Pierri


Cape May buzzes with the vibrancy of music, dance, and theater, and my journey into these realms is fueled by deep-seated passion and unwavering dedication. For me, finding solace and fulfillment in these artistic expressions is akin to nurturing the soul. My immersion in Cape May's theater community was sparked by a heartfelt desire to contribute and connect. Upon discovering that our beloved late colleague, Jacob Pierri, was involved with Cape May stage, I seized the opportunity to join in.

With a family background steeped in filmmaking, my affinity for drama has been ingrained since childhood. The allure of acting on stage was undeniable, and Jacob graciously welcomed me into the fold. To me, women's presence in the arts speaks volumes about their talent, creativity, and invaluable contributions to our community.

I observed Jacob's interest in theater and music as it pertains to stagecraft and empowerment, with the aim of deepening his understanding of the subtle roles played in the world of theater. Immersing myself in American and international cinema has been an enriching journey, shedding light on the artistry of acting and storytelling.

As a woman, I'm keenly attuned to the diverse narratives and performances that shape our cultural landscape, recognizing the importance of nurturing and celebrating women's talents in the arts. While my own acting pursuits have yet to grace the silver screen, the transformative power of theater has left an indelible mark on my life. From eagerly participating in school plays to embracing the wisdom shared by mentors like Jacob, Pierri I've come to appreciate the profound beauty human bring to the stage. Acting has not only deepened my empathy and social connections but also ignited a fervent desire to give back to my community. I firmly believe in the transformative power of the arts, which resonate with women worldwide, offering avenues for self-expression, cultural exchange, and shared experiences.

As I wander along Cape May's picturesque shores, enveloped by the gentle rhythms of the waves, I find inspiration in the town's timeless allure. With each passing season, I eagerly anticipate the festive spirit that envelops Cape May, a testament to its rich cultural heritage and warm hospitality. Jacob once told me while working together when I said how much I love arts, literature, the arts, and music "In this enchanting coastal enclave, where natural beauty and artistic expression converge, you harbor dreams of one day gracing the stage with your own performance, Kamala".

Thank you Jacob Pierri, Until then, I cherish the moments spent basking in cultural splendor, where every encounter and experience serves as a testament to the enduring power of the arts.

Journalist, poet and editor Kamala Sarup works at the Cape Collection. Kamala specializes in reporting news and writing stories covering journalism, Peace, Public health, Democracy, Women/Children, development, justice and economic development. (more...)