Ending Women’s poverty by social reformers, economist or socialist?.


My argument in this article is a series of statements to present a conclusion to ending women’s Poverty. Thus, I have outlined in this article how empowering women is important to end extreme poverty. I am striving to focus how If we spend money on research into the causes and consequences of women's poverty produces anything? That has already been explored by sociologists or reformist? In my opinion only the right kind of education and job chances to take changes. On the abolition of women's poverty, the last century was the worst ever.

 Then do we remember that woman's development effort will make it any better in the Upcoming century? I can see from all the evidence, Antipoverty Theory, have done very little to prevent women's poverty to this appointment. Even we are proceeding to make declarations and manifestos. And even so the results are terrible. As well, I believe, will establish women's empowerment and instruction will accomplish anything? Then, how can we then prevent women's poverty? Why publishing regulations is not preventing women's poverty till date? Why still difficult to persuade more financial freedom. Can spending money on research into the causes and consequences of women's poverty produce anything? That has already not be explored by sociologists or reformist?

It is a grave danger that we may fail. Women's poverty won’t be ending before the remainder of the twenty-first century is alarmist talk. Hence, let me see what it is? It is a strong appeal for a safer world for women’s economic freedom as I desire it to be.
Also, I have plenty of evidence from primitive and modern societies that poverty is still on the same page inhibited by different cultures.

Thus, the issue of making more women's power to societal restructuring promotes employment. I shall see if my preferences for a women's financial gain is likely to achieve any goals.

On the Global Marshall Plan, which is a system to transfer money gratis to the poor women and children, no doubt the women will like this. At present, the economic system prefers to give money to the poor women. Even we are continuing with globalization, which gets money from the lower class women of rich and gives some of it to the poor. This policy will never help women's poverty.

In closing, there is absolutely some logic that can promote economic growth. That will close the gap between the rich and poor women.

We have taken lots of conferences and written lots of words on the subject for many years. Why still the answer is not persuasive. Since women's poverty is even there.

But logically, I believe, women's economic growth is an essential facet of human civilization. It allows societies to utilize existing resources and infrastructure to improve the quality of life. Good economy implies the progress of the economic rights. 
Until the system eliminates the poverty, overpopulation, economic decay, fear, deprivation, people's ignorance, women's poverty will remain. Socioeconomic development and usage, promotion policy would help those jobless women. Thus, economic, factors that must be addressed for the poverty to be eventually resolved.

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