Evolution and a market economy


I want to stress in this article how Increasing the development will increase the production rate? How it will increase the commodities produced and delivered?. In a market economy, competition among businesses will push down the cost of goods and services and consequently make more of the goods and services affordable.

Even I am focusing here why it is important to apply to the development programs like schools, and, agriculture, etc. is also important. The trend of investing in such development plan needs to be strong. It will contribute greatly in improving the quality of life. Even in particular, countries with too many mountains like Nepal with an unfavorable geography, or the economy is seriously handicapped. Although in that respect can be hope to become richer because of the inevitable trade of cheaper goods and services.

I always believe that leadership role in identifying the long-term and short-term projects uniting people and enhancing the economy. Development program requires cooperation with the local body.

Even if that geography, and leadership are against amending the economic conditions, local body can alter the situation. Our investment should be in technical training, like programming, which is labor-intensive. However, investment must improve the technical competence. I want to emphasize that the economics of the system depend not on any one side, but on all sides. Wanting it and compromising to reach it.

Fixing the economy is not inevitable because of countervailing events: economic depressions, depletion, product replacement and more. Linking development and securing economy, including accounting and financial, economic programs among people operating good reconstruction. All reconstruction must affect the economic evolution plan. Greater efficiencies, and development of industries usually result in higher standards of living. By reducing the costs of production and the prices of delivering goods and services is a good policy. But in that respect are always some waste or defects.

Development and reconstruction must focus on with sufficient competition.

Economic depressions, fewer available resources, have caused declines in growth. If we see in the U.S. before the remainder of World War II (1945), the northeast and Midwest regions, then known as the “industrial heartland”, but now experienced as the “rust belt”, had higher average incomes than other U.S. regions; today they do not. Horses and blacksmiths were replaced by tractors and machinery where producers and consumers benefited from the changes.

I just want to say it again.

Increasing the development will increase the yield rate; that is, it will increase the number of goods or services produced and delivered per time unit. In a marketplace economy, competition among businesses will drive down the cost of commodities and services and consequently make more of the goods and services affordable.

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