That horrible Maoist war hit women. A true story.


This true story is based on my diary, 

That I have written about my friend's uncle and wife. 

Will her uncle, who was killed by the Maoists, going to be brought back to life? What programs do the Maoists currently provide for the people who have lost their lives? What is the role of victims in the legal process of the deceased? What should the victims' role be right now? Will the Maoists revive her uncle and make his daughter happy?

So many painful questions remain unanswered. There have been so many murders, injustices, human discrimination and loopholes. He was no blood of mine. 

But he was my closest friend's uncle. 

I remember waiting for him to give his daughter some presents. Most of the family members were at home for Dashai Day (Nepalese party). Since then his family has been scattered around.

"No matter whether I leave town or not, 

But I want to be able to walk across the market during the day without fear of danger, such as a bomb blast and so on." 

That's what he said on the telephone before he got back. 

If I come to the village, suppose the village is safe enough so I can walk". Uncle spoke with me.

"I will now give you the gifts." I began a few important books as gifts. I purchased a few books. I told him about it.

But in those days, unfortunately, the continuing political crisis worsened the situation and he was killed. After his death, I was out of my hometown.

The violence has killed a number of people. The one who leaves for work with the doubt that he will return home safe at night.

"I think we should support those efforts in helping people build peace". 

I said to my friend that I was writing articles against their criminal activities. 

I had no idea why all these insurrections were going on. It's not often you win a war with the rebels. Somebody told me at the time.

His wife was in our home when he was assassinated. 

She was in tears and told my mom. My husband left me home to resume his duty three days before he was killed. I don't want a woman from Nepal confronting what I'm going through. I can't even believe he's not here anymore." 

At 25 years old, he joined the Nepalese police about 7 years ago as a policeman. He was transferred to Dang P.D., three months ago.

She was not the only victim of Maoist violence that left behind hundreds of displaced youth. 

The overwhelming majority of female Maoist victims ranged from life to death. 

Without any other source of income, she also depended solely on the pension she received from the police for her and her only child's survival. 

I thought that in times of crisis, I had an obligation to support her. With escalating murders, bombing of buildings, strikes and other forms of violence. 

And the disturbances, thousands of women and children like my aunt have invaded the cities.

Many females suffered from depression and were suppressed. There was much more of an indirect effect.

Today, with the destruction of school buildings, medical stations, women and children are still severely affected. Thousands of women and children have lost their husbands and parents.

Nepalese women and children living on the streets in the aftermath of the war were "vulnerable". Almost sure they'd have to sell sex to survive. Increasingly, people are still homeless, forced to leave their homes because of Maoist violence.

The Nepalese schools were turned into recruitment centers. The abuse of schools, their occupation and attacks on them were one of them. Gross violations of the rights of women and children.

Most girls recruit Maoists from poor families, minority groups and aboriginal groups. They are threatened by HIV and AIDS. The Maoist war destroyed the needs of life: rights, healthcare, housing, water and food.

The exploitation of women and children within the ranks was so horrendous. 

Maoists have been put in power by international forces. 

And now my homeland has become one of the most corrupt, based on injustice and a country based on destruction. They just want power, so regardless of how much money they make now, it will never be enough to satisfy them. This terrible war was a menace to humanity. Whoever supports the Maoists must answer to the Nepalese people. There will come a time.