I don’t want to be a Capitalist or Socialist. The new economic system required.


Why I want to commence a new majority rule based on economic freedom? A new economic democracy is really need to the world to defeat extreme poverty, discrimination and disease. Before I enter on my article I desire to argue like, here’s an Adam Smith quote. Smith said “civil government, so far as it is instituted for the security of property, is in reality instituted for the defense of the rich against the poor.” Smith would have railed against giant corporations if he were alive today.

Hence, I am arguing in this article how to define economic capitalism. How do I define socialist economy? What would be my approach to conserve the universe? My focal point is an important aspect of the economic system. Because the trouble I have today is that the “Economy And Capitalism” of the economic and social system. Where I formerly knew as much about communism, Socialism as I know about capitalism. Today it is gruelling for me to instantly find anyone who has even read Lenin, much less a devastating review of him such as one finds in Solzhenitsyn. My article is focusing on capitalism also in the same direction. I am picking out here that the critique is a riddle making use of Churchill’s famous statement about capitalism is the worst possible system except for all the others. In reality, there are two extremes. Total control of economic matters or totally “hands off” of economic matters.

In reality, every system is a compromise. I can argue there are limits which are moved past in large danger. I want to tell you in point of historical fact.

What I also see is that “capitalism” is an economic system. So much as an acknowledgement of a central reality: it is the accumulation of “capital” which allows investment but failed to ending poverty.
That such efforts usually go wrong is simple. That is, it tries very hard to tell people to “be free” in certain areas. Today I desire to argue why my economic politics would be a different then present economic model?.

I believe Marx was one of the most misinterpreted. He trusted in a dialectic that eventually would destroy all class divisions. And finally create a wonderful society without any. It is never been happened till date. Clay to be ascertained if it will ever happen.

I adopt an economic policy and position against all Inequality injustice. I detest all the “isms”.
I call up, true economic democracy with a good system. I understand it is very difficult to establish and even harder to hold onto.If we believe a public oriented economic system the situation must be the same everywhere. End bad policies, bad leadership, terrorism, wars, corruption.

If people experienced a society founded on equity and justice for everyone, the problem would be solved.
Most countries do the reverse.It’s always the issue of the privileged not caring. The despicable and desperate get hurt and women especially get hurt the most.

I don’t distinguish if there are not some good people who are fighting against injustice. The difficulty is there aren’t enough of them and their imaginations are limited. And then I want to commence a system for the wretched. I require to construct a strong political system that will be a great benefit to the poor nation.

Hence, I am focusing here how people love economics, employment and democracy rather than in giant politics. Considering my believe and those delivered by people, I want to make a preliminary evaluation of the causes in the economy based on equity as follows. I agree with democracy that benefited people, development and freedom or our interests. If politics in general benefit its leaders and doers, but suffer from them to ordinary people and the nation. That organization and leaders must go.

I want sustainable democracy and then there’s a great deal more to financing “industrialization” than supporting bad politics. Withal, I ignore the highly centralized politics. The statements on politics here would be possible for people, even assuming which would not be easy.
My own belief about it is simple: economy is the economic system, democracy is democracy and the twain should meet. That stated, humans bring their beliefs with them to whatever they get along in the world, so it is probably not realistic to think that a person parks his or beliefs at the door to work or the Politics.

Can politics advocate attitudes and ways of living on? Of course, that is what democracy should make out.
The problems of impoverishment, exploitation, this produced a productive ground for some politically disgruntled ideologues sow the seeds of dissent in the society.

People love, peace, security and genuine economic democracy. Let’s connect with me to promote an economic world.

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