Lawlessness have increased rape of women


Media have been reporting on the violence against women. Victimized women due to poverty, illiteracy, and social exclusion do not have the capacity to seek justice without help.  

There were also report in the media of women and young women being socially targeted.  General lawlessness have also increased rape of women, in the society as a whole, because the police are so diverted with crime and violence that they have tended to ignore civil crimes. And of course, the media have reported many incidents of rape by men.

"I am observing new development for women very closely and it seems that the biggest challenge right now is to convince international community that women are not ready to tolerate certain crime in daily basis. I strongly support and believe in democracy and nothing is precious then liberty and that our fundamental human rights are respected but it is only achieved practically through prosperous economy, revolutionary changes in terms of education, women,and empowerment, health-care and development to enhance the overall quality of living of women in the country". Dr. Rabindra Misra said. 

I truly believe that women will support restoring justice, human rights and freedom and the law and order and system is in effect. The news and opinions about the women discrimination, violence, rape, trafficking, corruption, Counter opinions are to be found in the news every-day.

When crime is in full swing, the women and the people which are the medium of development, and when politics operate as partisan advocates, they cannot be treated, considered, or respected. Women and people's respect goes only to those that adhere to true freedom ethics.

One rumour is that, if the violent gangs are going to come-out strong.  All this, however is not to belittle the gravity and seriousness of the situation. Situation are as bad as they were in the past 20 or 25 years.

Women know that a strong political will, undistributed and unwavering effort to address the violence is required for peace to be restored. Women are disenchanted from the violent politics.

Women in the street have lost interest in conceptual and theoretical semantics of violent politics. Advocates of various ideologies has been discerned by most in this country. Such attitude is most prominent among those who are from the districts,who have suffered in the last decade of the violence.

Hundred of questions remain to be answered, before women can hope to have a complete peace and justice. Many women have gone to foreign countries because life in their own country have been disrupted. Those women, calling themselves nationalists democrats do not have a chance in their own country.

Clash between the different groups or terrorism and that of various political views have shown that the economic development with just slogans of various concepts will make general women take wrong decisions for the worst. but on the other hand, women's efforts are on-going, change for good, wonderful or bad, worse, or worst is being decided by time.

Some women have begun to be apprehensive that now even those in the secure urban centres may have to suffer like those in the villages had suffered in the past decade and years.

"In spite of reports of continued extortion, kidnapping, threats, and sporadic conflicts a sense of ease is discerned in Africa to Asia, Europe to America. Women have been adversely affected for quite some time, so to us its as it used to be. Price rise, due to transport disruptions, and closure of markets, closure of schools disrupting education of children etc etc rising unemployment and laying off of workers in the tourism sector is going on. And so has the crime rates". Dr. Misra further added.

Suffice it to say in this time women, have finally begun to "DO" things, rather making wishful speeches and expecting others to do things in our favour. In this sense, this time has made all of us a little more responsible.