Make Small Business a Priority


Published in Cape May County Herald.

I think President Donald Trump's and his administration's recent emphasis on small business will be the best thing for citizens living in this country. However, it will become useless unless we control drug problems, gun violence, and other crimes.
We should lower interest for business loans and make it easier to get the loan. To start a small business, we need more free vocational education and also need to educate potential owners about the minimum risk to start the business.

If small businesses are given priority in New Jersey, especially in Cape May County, then it can produce jobs for many individuals, increasing the employment rate and can harvest ideas that were once suppressed by big companies. Now, every individual can initiate their own business with their own ideas.

Apple was once a small business company that was launched in a garage. No one knew about the future of this company. Now, Apple has introduced technological gifts that have helped us perform many arduous tasks with ease. Similarly, there might be some other Apple-like companies ready to do things beyond our imaginations. This might be their opportunity.

Big corporations in the U.S. are taking all the work, making small businesses useless, and are taking care of themselves rather than their community or workers getting paid less. In my opinion, Cape May County badly needs small businesses that can help people earn a decent living.

Many educated people need a steady job, a place to invest local funds and some encouragement for their investments. It is essential for locals because healthy and enterprising small business is not only an asset for the family; it is also a leading light for the entire community.

Local financial institutions are needed to mobilize a small business in the Cape May County area without delay. Special finance programs with lower interest rates for small enterprises, including family businesses, should be created. The efficiency of tax collection must be improved. Without such infrastructure development, the functioning of the private sector will largely be a failure.

If more lower-income people in Cape May County start their own business, it would mean that growth benefits would spread to all parts of the county. The Trump administration has a number of programs aimed at reviving the small business economy, but we also need to accept the fact that we need new tools to help find out issues because problems of unemployment can be overcome by making the small business more effective and transparent.