Media Watch Group to protect democracy :


Media for Freedom

Media For Freedom (, located in Cape May, NJ has formed a media watch group by it's editor and founder Kamala Budhathoki Sarup. e-magazine is founded with a strong belief to educate people on freedom, democracy, anti terrorism, peace, women's rights and an economic development. I believe that the role of is to protect democracy and human rights.   Journalism is very strong area of working.   

 At present, some media is mostly publish political news and articles.  The socio-economy, freedom, democracy, anti-terrorism, Literature, women rights, public health, peace, empowerment and conflict resolution themes constitute a smaller space. 

 As media education is a vital force in empowering people, so I think, media an important component in the process of education, democracy and development.  By realizing this facts was established and is designed to help fill both gaps. I believe that the role of the media is to protect civil rights, raise voice against injustice and fight violence and terrorism. 

Main objectives

1. Support to the international and national campaign against terrorism and protect democracy. 

2. To conduct various media activities to protect and strengthen people's rights regarding   education, social, political, economic, and democratic issues.The above objectives will require the following actions:

1. A review of printed media coverage on the issue.

2. To ensure 'balanced writing and reporting' with special emphasis on the issues.

3. To make media sector more responsible towards the human rights situation and democracy. 

Activities will carry some of the best online news and analysis. Media monitoring is an on-going activity of the media.  The objective of this activity is to improve the quality of the news available to the public, to ensure that media devotes enough attention to issues that are important to people and to fully utilize the media's role as upholders of democracy, anti terrorism, human rights and development. Please send your articles, news, and press release. is a volunteer media organization so contributors and editor will not be paid.