Miracles take place for love.


By Kamala Sarup

It's the real story.

"I can't be proud unless I'm fortunate enough to marry your friend." My colleague Bikal spoke, kindling a cigarette while he was sitting by the balcony one night. "You're in Kathmandu." Is she going to protect her youth for you here in the village? "I smiled at him and told him."

Your friend Peru is magnificent. My uncle's son didn't write to me until yesterday. Baikal was the defender of Peru. He turned south, looking into the corner of his eyes while ignoring my discourse. I came to Kathmandu with an oath of love for Peru. Sometimes I'm sad because the image of Peru comes up day and night. "He said that to me."

He got away with a pack of cigarettes. He is the most frank member of our group, so we can say that nobody is against him. "You must have patience in love", seated beside me, Bikal spoke with a sip of tea.

"What do I do, except wait patiently?" Not only that, but I am prepared to wait my entire life for Peru," he said. As usual, he was direct and direct, and sometimes we were concerned with his habit of keeping quiet after being overwhelmed. . "It makes no difference if somebody tells me or criticizes me," he says, standing up and going to his room. I figured he didn't like my Peruvian joke because it was bitterly heart-wrenching. "How could this girl walk without looking, people ahead, even though she grew old and grew up to youth?" Once my sister scolded Peru in the morning as she walked through the streets. "Why would you answer that way? You don't mind the way you talk to the ancients? ’ My sister spoke straight away. If it weren't for us, the fight would have happened between them. After that, "Until your strong tongue sister remains, I will never stop at your house" had sworn Peru. I reminded myself of my past.

Every night, remembering Peru, Bikal boasted, with me, of resigning and going to the village. "How will you bring her after her resignation? The wedding hasn't happened yet. You don't have to be frustrated that way. I didn't know if he liked or disliked the speech I would convince him, but his face always got sad when I talked.

The day after tomorrow, I would have to leave the village. After a couple of days, when I get to the village, I'll marry him. He spoke proudly without breathing. ‘ If Mother doesn't let me marry, I'll take the bus to Kathmandu. I also got a ticket back. I'll have to move tomorrow morning. ’ Before I had a chance to speak, he pointed the ticket at me. How dare you pick up the receipt without consultation? You should have said something if you were leaving. If you do it your way, there's nothing I can do. I scolded him a lot. Then, after he never told anybody, he left Kathmandu. I felt he didn't let Peru know he was coming.

"Ever heard of that?" Baikal and Paru are married now". Another colleague in our group, Bhim, informed us. It made me very happy.

Fortunately, when Bikal was depressed, he used alcohol to numb feeling sad and lonely. But thanks to his love, he accepts its consequences and goes ahead. Later I was told he hadn't been drinking since he had his love of Peru. Nowadays, he can manage his depression without using alcohol to numb him. Either way, he decided not to drink forever.

For when we rely on love, miracles take place.