Movie "Love Love Love"


Dipendra K. Khanal’s next movie ‘Love Love Love’ shooting has been wrapped on Saturday. According to "The film that went on floors has been shot entirely in Pokhara. The film stars Swastima Khadka, Suraj Pandey, Ramesh Budhathoki, Deshbhakta Khanal and Rupa Rana in lead roles. Suraj Cine Arts (Film Production) company located in Kathmandu. Film director Dipendra K Khanal and a film Producer Sharmila Budhathoki Pandey said that the movie would give a new impression and height to audience.

Director Dipendra K Khanal is a highest paid director in Nepal Film Industry, who is known best for his direction in Pashupati Prasad and Chapali height 2. Khanal's debut direction was The yug dekhi yug samma . He has directed films like Jholay , Vigilante etc. (Source;wikipedia).

When I watched Dipendra K Khanal's super hit movie "Pashupati Prasad" as a way to improve my understanding on life, arts, beauty and performance.Currently I have been watching some of his movies like "Chapli height 2", Jholay. They created a beautiful arts and all interesting and beautiful. These movies are beautiful.

Great Movies means life, love, happiness, freedom, tragedy and enjoy moments, etc. Watching beautiful movie by Hollywood directors like David Fincher, Sergio Leone, Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese and a great actor Micheal Douglas, and Bollywood movie's directors like Mani Ratnam, Satyajit Ray‎ Priyadarshan‎, Subhash ghai, Vidhu Vinod Chopra‎ and Nepali directors like late B.S Thapa, late Prakash Thapa and now Dependra K Khanal's have always directed and speak of love, romance and our arts, dance, great performance and culture.  

Time has to move in a certain direction to protect arts, acting and dance. The great aim create and creativity has made our future in movie production more certain. Do you ever play on movie? It is an enjoyable and fulfilling exercise. I always believe actors and movie directors attempt to provide a “proof of entertainment, love education and beauty” to convince the audience of their beliefs on love, entertainment and location".

I learned long ago that when I wanted to understand something on arts, permanence, and acting, I needed to watch more films, which forced me to think about all the connections in a complete and logical way.

I like to discuss love and romance; they know movie's position and movie like "Love Love Love". This film will certainly inspire us, and prove us competent. I think, most of our audience are good- natured enough to face our occasional performances. No doubt our most audience regards in the same way. Audience are very respectful of all people, on their beliefs on love and they will love this movie. 

Great director like Dependra K. Khanal knows how to provide more beauty, love and happiness on movies. In my opinion, movie directors like Dipendra K Khanal is committed to renovate old values and construct new values on time.

Directors, producers, musicians, and actors have to experiment in terms of using new thought, subject, language, and style. These movies we call are unique, and to an ancient subject must conform.

I admire producers,directors, writers and musicians who live their dream through hard work and I know when we watch, we certainly will, may be it require few more things than we already posses, therefore try making a beautiful movie like "Love Love Love" that we can admire, so that it will lead to where we want to be now its high time that we have someone we share our dreams and feelings who would encourage us and understand our feelings, the could be anyone, readers, friends, audience, and family members and we need to produce a beautiful films like "Love Love Love". 

Directors and artists must do so within the framework of the original subjects.The original subject is an integral part of the framework on movie. Good actors also always try to outdo others and perform differently. Most is in timing and dynamics. But the key is always the, on rare occasions and certainly not in every performance. Still, the styles can be different in any subjects and a slight hold on a high note, for instance, is worked out between the director and the actors during rehearsal.

The director like Khanal would agree to any suggestions, does allow for style differences, particularly for location, subjects who are stars. A key change can occur in any performance. However, this is the prerogative of the movie. In movie, once the final version is settled, the subjects do not change. Because an actors and director are really one single and hard work.

Director Dependra K. Khanal has a different approach, yes, because he has the embellishments from the ground up. He has also restored many beautiful location, so did the team that performed the movie. Khanal is the most continuous and the best movie director. I remember long ago when I also played my high school drama, I saw lots of different acting there on different situations. From that, I assumed that most long and serious acting was performed of different parts with different variety, maybe some parts “happy” with a major and other parts “sad” with a minor. That would mean for best performance only a change.

From director Khanal's work, I knew that all about the best movies. When he direct, he had in mind specific ideas. As we know, people have favorite interest.Also the director think of the special attributes of the subjects he is directing for which could wonderful and different. Recently, watching about various foreign-language movies, I am learning the arts and more interested in learning about a variety of subjects on movie, how actors played and act. The reason it is requires is that it enhances quantitative actor's talent. I think that we are taking an interest in many things to broaden our perspective on what is going on in love-centric movies and what has gone on in the movie's world that we can write about to clarify our own thinking. Good directors, and good actors will touch our heart.

New actors like Suraj Pandey seem to be concerned about good performance in his first movie "Love Love Love". Becoming a good actor is always beautiful. First, actors have to be on time for work, need to get a good practise on their role so that they will be alert during filming. Actors should not fall behind. If new actors want to be success and struggling, then they should seek immediate help. If possible, every actor needs to do a light practicing of the acting, that will assist them understanding.

The only way actors learn anything is with good performance. New movie "Love, Love Love" will be made with good director, actors, locations, and stories. The films provides superior locations .

Movie-making is a fascinating and complex subject where directors and actors are played to design them. Congratulations to Dipendra K Khanal. Best of luck for your upcoming movies "Love Love Love".