Poetry gives Expression


Poetry gives Expression

A famous Nepali poet Dinesh Adhikari has written for motion pictures, lyrics and has produced ten solo music albums. Dinesh Adhikari's poems are full of feelings, and love. In every creation, he always prefer to experiment in terms of using new thought.

The day following my wedding We set out on a walk


The sky, in turmoil, turned gray

And clouds began to thunder

And the rain began to pour

Not a place in sight nearby

For shelter from the rain

Dinesh Adhikari is a famous Nepali poet. He is a poet who often writes about concept and life. His poems touched me.

We had but one umbrella

And that too a tiny one

I tilted it towards her

To shelter her from the downpour

And she, with love

Pushed it gently towards me

The rain stopped

And we took turns

I looked at her-she looked at me

By then neither was I any dry

What a poet Dinesh Adhikari says is so true about learning life, learning relationship and learning love. It is beautiful. I especially like the sensual aspect of his poems where we repeat the words. His poems have the feeling of a romance, love and time. I found his poems very beautiful and clear, where his heart is speaking. I am an admirer of his work. It is a matter of due appreciation that he has made such a brilliant effort in favor of Nepali literature field. I deeply appreciate his initiative work.

A poet who won the Madan Puraskar and Sajha Puraskar for poetry, wrote a little poem that writes

In the middle of our walk Somewhere, something happened


Again the sky turned gray

The clouds thundered

And the rain began to pour

For Shelter from the rain

I looked at her he looked at me

By then neither was I any dry

Nor was she underused


We were both wet to the skin

The day following our wedding

When we set out on a walk

His magnificent poem. It has such personal touch. Dinesh Adhikari is a talented poet who has creativity and beauty of life. Poet Dinesh Adhikari deserve an applause for his unforgettable efforts. The history on Nepali literature will definitely evaluate his noble attempts. His poems have own many people' heart. Dinesh Adhikari said " I believe writing is an individual affair yet publicizing it is its inherent quality. Driven by this conviction, I make a deliberate and conscious attempt at simplicity of expression and protection of the artistic aspect". He further said " I feel literary creation has the character of a free flowing river. Just because there's water, a pond cannot be a river. Literacy creation is not a stagnant pond.

And when the rain receded

We were haggling still

With the wretched umbrella

A rib broken, cloth tattered

A twisted, crooked vertebra

We were both completely soaked

Individually concerned

Wedding solemnized

And the first year over

Once again

When wet out on a walk

Born in Kathmandu, he has written 500 songs and 2000 are his published poems. His books are "Sprinklings from within" "Songs of the earth" "early voices" "Unending journey" "My mind My own Courtyard" and The Labyrinths of the mind. There are special poems that he writes in life. Those poems are like a candle that shows the obstacles in our way so that life is easier to deal with. Poems says have we ever walked beside the life? His poems draw attention to the very simple things of life, relationship and spiritual philosophy.

Poet Dinesh Adhikari chose the poems as a medium for the expression of our thoughts, feelings and observations on human situations, norms of human behavior. It is that poem can be called life. The poet examines about the person's life, memory, love and happiness successfully. Dines Adhikari is musical. His poems like a movie. His poems can cry, they can dance on the spot. They can laugh. The time seems to be there. His poems have courage, bold, and want to follow dreams.

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