Provence and French Cooking


Author: Kamala 'Sarup'

Cape May County's got a new French restaurant called Provence. Cape May residents can taste delicious French cuisine. Located along route 9 at N Main Street and N mechanic Street, it brings out the best of French food all the way from France at a restaurant called Provence here in New Jersey.

Open Thursday through Sunday, Provence delivers the authenticity of Provençal dishes in your plate. French cooking has developed over the centuries under the influence of many neighboring cultures, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and Belgium. Cheese and wine are part of the cooking process. The local cuisines in France use locally grown vegetables.

Born and raised in Nepal, an agricultural nation, I always prefer local grown/framers’ markets in comparison to commercial markets for buying vegetables and fruits. Since I never tried French food, I wanted to try something different for my palette. Finally, I decided to try France's exquisite flavor. Sitting at the table, waiting for my order, a lot of things crossed my mind about the food and how it's going to be. When the food arrived, I was surprised, It looked and tasted delicious.

Cooking is an art and being a chef, it is my responsibility to keep it that way. I like to explore with recipes to balance the banality that comes with cooking a same recipe hundreds of times. It takes skill, persistence, and a lot of do-overs to get something truly unique out of something that you see and cook every day. Changing the recipe requires a lot of preparation and I see Kelly changing the recipe of the food every now and then and this proves how much time she has invested in her art to come to life. Not only the food, but there is also a good research and experience in designing the overall restaurant too. The most important thing that I feel should be unaltered in every restaurant is how the restaurant presents itself to the customers. Our brain works in mysterious ways; our emotions, mood and desire fluctuate on what our 5 senses experience.

The lights, smell those hints of fresh flowers mixed in with aromatic food, relaxing music, exquisite food all activates our senses and make it more pleasing while maintaining the French authenticity; Andrew and Kelly have done a wonderful job at it. Lucas a director of Cape Collection wants to invest more time with his art and wishes that the restaurant opens all days of the week and I believe soon it will be possible As Cape May has limited supply of authentic restaurants.

Slowly, the business is rising, but I think Cape May really needs more businesses like Provence. Harrison, Pharos, Casablanca, and Provence are examples of how Kelly and Andrew have made an impacting society. Local financial institutions are required to hire a small business in the Cape May County region. The extremely successful business owner Kelly and Andrew say hard and makes a difference. I agree with both of my employer.