Requirements for higher incomes

 Are we takeing special steps to ensure the people get appropriate education and employment? What steps do we  think should be taken to combat unemployment and poverty? How do we see the present economic crisis ?What should be the immediate role of the people? Till date poverty could not have reduced in real terms because the implication of poverty reduction programs is being ineffective.  

When people have less access to educational and health facilities and social services we cann't take special steps to people for education and employment opportunities.  Good economic system is the common factor of development which affects the whole system of the economy.  The development programs on  economic development strategy have to be introduced.

To combat poverty and unemployment, the economic reform system have to be implicated effectively. The  economic development education should be progressively provided. Furthermore, the private sector should be encouraged for the promotion and development of free trade and industry. Most importantly, public-private partnership policy has to be adopted soon. We have to have economic revolution and generates a substantial surplus. 
This can help invest for accelerating development of other sectors of the economy.I am talking here about economic development, the money of the rich versus the money of the poor.  It is necessary to state the specific requirements for higher incomes and then look historically at the   requirements for the economy reform.  We must recognize that  acquiring economic development is good. If we eschew these values, we need to prefer to spend the studies and labor of  the pursuit of  economic development,  to the extent of sustaining life.

 I am talking about relative rich versus the wealth of the poor. There will always be an increase in absolute economic development via trade, industrial globalization and repatriated income.

The  income and living standard increases are good economic development like the tools, machines, materials, power sources, medicines, and manufacturing and commercial practices) that are transformed into consumable goods and services. Good economic system create goods and service that people want like automobiles, telephones,  improve the quality of goods and services and increase the availability of goods and services to more people by reducing the effort, waste, and cost to produce them. There are other ways to increase income if we can put more people to work so they can extract more raw materials.  This acquisition of income requires large amounts of mone.

Thus, an initial loan or grant of "seed money" is required by poor. Such loans, as we have seen from World Bank, IMF, and WTO efforts.

The economic development depends on educational system. We have to  developed educational system, on mathematics, science, engineering, and programming will achieve good economy. I am talking here, not only of innovative scientists and engineers, but technical operators, i.e., "technicians", the people who must know enough math and science to make small decisions involving the operation of increasingly complex machinery. Again, we have to highly developed primary, secondary, and university scientific, engineering, and technician educations available to most of its population, both men and women.

Therefore, even if  we had adequate technologies, and if we would not even be able to adequately maintain imported technologies. 
From a materialistic viewpoint,  we need to have subsistence economies,  with more advanced economies that featured the division of labor, technologies, and trade, economies. Redistribution benefits the poor at the expense of the rich, but it does not promote increased incomes generally.

In summary, the kind of economy and polity determine the ability of   the successes of economic reform system.
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