Stop marijuana legalization


I strongly oppose the use of Marijuana in NJ and it is a matter of surprise that both the leaders from Democratic and Republican Party wants to legalize it in this state. When legalized, addiction will be a greater cause of mishaps in the future, as teenagers will always prefer to smoke it rather than attend boring lectures in their classrooms.

The psychoactive effects on their minds will take them into a euphoric state, creating a false reality to escape from the truth. This drug clearly affects the later development of an individual’s social as well as academic life as it slowly reduces their IQ when used on daily basis. I think this won’t yield a good result for both the individuals and the country.

There are legal substances like alcohol in our community that too has hindered the development of young teens, and girls into a successful and responsible adult. Many people these days exploit the use of alcohol and hence get into number of accidents that causes mental as well as physical disturbance in their and in others life. Legalizing Marijuana can and will be the next substance that will be exploited in an unsuitable fashion causing more accidents and other crimes. As we know, illegal use and distribution of drugs (medicinal or not) is a big problem and is poisoning young American youths and women. This is the reason, any other reasons there should be no excuse to legalizing marijuana and which will encourage young kids including women to get high all the time.

Every action has their pros and cons. New Jersey United for Marijuana Reform estimates the state could expect hundreds of million a year in tax revenues if it gets legalized which is a great idea for the development of economy of the state but its negative effects outweighs the positive one. In the year 2015, almost half of the people in the US had tried Marijuana. According to the report of National Institute Of Drug Abuse, report In 2014, daily marijuana use amongst college students had reached its highest level since records began in 1990. Although, marijuana is legal in some states for recreational or medical use the numbers are increasing each year.

Imagine how many will use it if the state legalizes it for personal uses too. Are you sure you want our future generations to be addicted to it? It’s sad and unfortunate news for younger generation and the parents, especially for mothers.  This is not only my voice but an opinion of thousands of mothers who want their children not to get addicted

In conclusion, Marijuana legalization is going to affect New Jersey’s youth including women both directly and indirectly and hence should be taken into consideration before any decisions are made. But if it gets legalized, I hope people and women will not get addicted and become dependent rather use it for medical purposes only.

Marijuana is a psychoactive drug has both short and long term effects. The short term effects include red eyes, dry mouth, short term memory loss whereas long term effects include addiction and decreased mental ability in those who starts using it in their teenage years. It is a real threat and an increasing threat to human rights. It also affects the business sector.

Actions are required to protect people from addiction without waiting for a higher proportion of them to be addicted. People’s health is important to mobilize what is right. Legislation is desperately needed to curb this problem. Marijuana prevention and treatment program should be available to protect women and young people.

I understand it is very difficult but finding a solution to this crisis must be worked out at local community levels too. So, community has an important and effective role to play for the prevention and protection against it.
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