A Surprising Connection: How My Employers Changed My Life


Life has its twists and turns, and sometimes, unexpected encounters can shape our lives in profound ways. My bosses, Kelly Lavorgna and Andrew Bares, are true examples of excellence in their field.

When I lost my older sister, I left my old job and faced emotional pain and an uncertain future. The grief was overwhelming, leaving me lost and full of questions. I stopped writing the articles I used to write.

But in the midst of my sadness, a glimmer of hope emerged when I met Andrew and Kelly from Cape Collection. Their hotels, Harrison and Casablanca, are filled with creativity and beauty, thanks to Kelly's amazing talent. Their presence gave me a new sense of purpose and direction.

They helped me find emotional balance and stability, creating a positive and kind environment around me. Having a positive workplace isn't just about a job—it's about feeling good in both your personal and financial life.

My journey with Kelly, a strong woman in the business world, inspired me to share her story as a role model for women. Even Kelly's late son, Jacob, admired his mother's strength, just like I do. Kelly's practical approach to business and her desire to create jobs and contribute to the country's success show that she's more than just a businessperson—she's a visionary leader. Now, my job brings me peace and a sense of responsibility.

Kelly's hard work and Andrew's honesty guide me every day. Kelly's dedication to making guests' lives better and creating a positive work environment is truly inspiring. I've seen her lead with purpose. Kelly taught me that working hard can lead to professional growth and stability. Dreams don't have to be given up. She shared this wisdom with me when I first met her, and it led to my job. As my financial situation improved, I started writing more articles, reflecting my growing happiness.

As I look out my window, I see people bustling about, chasing their dreams and joys. Among them, I continue writing my story, inspired by Kelly, who is like a guiding light in my journey. When I lost my sister and Jacob, Kelly's steadiness was like an anchor. She helped me understand the connection between work and life, and how both can bring fulfillment. Over time, I realized that Kelly and a character I had created shared striking similarities. This connection deepened my respect and affection for her.

Love and honor are the cornerstones of our relationship, and they might be why she cares so deeply for her employees. In a heartfelt conversation, Kelly's words resonated with me, sparking a sense of potential for change. As the evening darkened outside, I reflected on my own journey. Kelly's essence—her dedication, love, and hard work—radiates through her. This outlook has brought contentment to my life.

The story I wrote about Kelly unexpectedly brought positivity, reminding me of my purpose. Kelly's unwavering commitment to creating jobs and fostering a positive work environment continues. My dedication to this cause mirrors her impact as a role model for successful business and a positive outlook.

As I stand at the crossroads of my journey, I see a clear path ahead. Kelly's dedication to change continues to inspire me. It reminds me that I, too, can make a difference that goes beyond measure."

Published in Cape May County Herald. --