Today we need to pray for love.

Kamala Budhathoki 'Sarup'.   

We today are facing with a host of political, social and economic problems. We today fraught with tension. For a successful, love and a peaceful moment, it is necessary to have a effective system.

Because of ubiquitous conflicting goals, incompetence, and selfishness, love is not easy to maintain. If we study the histories of countries in South America and Europe, we will see many more issues.

Even if we see in the US, In the last half of the 19th century in the U.S., excessive wealth and power concentration associated with industrial development resulted in many bloody work stoppages and strikes that ultimately were reduced pressure applied to the government that produced labor law changes that resulted in more powerful labor unions and, consequently, a more equal distribution of U.S. wealth among its citizens. If these labor reforms had not taken place, then war might have broken out between the rich and poor classes and U.S. love would have been threatened.

 But, as Buddha believed that the foundation of love, compassion, tolerance, co-existence and non-violence. Love and peace are the only human choices in a world. Buddhism offers practical methods to help us  to develop lasting love and compassion. So, we can change our minds, views; and we can help to engender love.

Jan Willis said "It is not enough that we simply use the methods of Buddhism to find inner peace for ourselves (though that is a very important first step). Rather, having found such inner peace, we must share and spread it and this involves further effort and action".

We must work for humanity, love, compassion and peace. We should join hand for developing a consensus for love. We have a lot of different views within our different ideologies and concepts, but they can be sorted out  together for negotiations and frank exchange of views.The Buddha taught that the first step on the path to life is understanding the love. One must pay due attention to the Four Noble Truths propounded by Lord Buddha.

We must fallow from Buddha's message of love, compassion, tolerance,forgiveness and co-existence to guide itself to achieve a beautiful lifel. Buddha gave the knowledge of an ultimate reality and a purpose of life. The essential message of Buddha's life is that each of us is capable and deserving of Nirvana. We should use a beautiful mind to act for love. Like Buddha said "If you plant the  seeds of love, you get love". But we all know, Buddha's compassion for suffering humanity, his love for rationalism,  have always been sources of inspiration.

Buddha said "Love and compassion". Today we need to pray for love.