Tourism will create income and employment opportunities.


The challenge for the new emerging economic is to distribute wealth among the people more equitably, and to open up employment opportunities to the whole population. "Tourism is mistakenly considered a rich man's business. The concept of tourism is a radical change to bring benefit to the common people.

If it operates effectively, will create income and employment opportunities. Hence, we can stand to carry out the mission of development.On the downside, many people are more conscious of politics than economics and development at present.

Politics has threatened their livelihoods, while economics is the real framework to ensure individual and collective development. Most importantly, democracy, producing leaders who have the mandate of the people, must partner with economic planning and development.We are facing many challenges and many opportunities in building a strong economy.

Most important are infrastructure development and economic growth. It is time to adopt a clear program of renovation, restructuring and development. We deserves a role in building the strong economy, in order to realize our full strength and power. Dr Surendra Pradhanang warns that inflation is now threatening to weakening the people's already limited spending power.

The investment environment continued with low productivity. Pradhanang's strategy is to bring tourist revenue to the people by promoting simple and natural way of life, allowing visitors to experience a world and a lifestyle completely different from their own.

This will enrich both the tourists and their people hosts, broadening their understanding of one another and opening the way for the people to develop their economy.

Generating public income is an urgent task, Pradhanang says. His low-cost, high-return village tourism concept is an original and innovative approach to attracting foreign revenue. Dr. Surendra Pradhanang is chairman of the Kathmandu Research Center, set up to promote tourism, a concept he developed in the 1980s.

Mountain climbers and trekkers who take advantage of the high mountains and beautiful scenery, and located along the popular trails have benefited from tourist dollars. But the majority of people still feel this kind of income is out of their reach.At present, we haven't succeeded in eradicating poverty, hunger, and disease. For years, as we know corruption is a cancer that continues to eat away at proper governance.

 This article was originally published by United Press International, Asia.