The trade of light arms.


Yes, small guns kill more people in the world than everything else. If we trade weapons, it will be difficult for us to keep the peace. There is a broad consensus that the small arms trade is a waste of peace and equality.

The problem is that I believe that what is absolutely essential could be peace and only peace. The only way to end the weapons trade in a system is to defeat politicians. We must strive to make law and order more effective, accountable and less authoritative globally. The only way we can make that happen, To spread the values of peace worldwide.

The weapons industry does not, contrary to public opinion. There are plenty of examples of anti-armer groups today. I recognize that the authorities provide some peace. It's probably a fear thing. Afraid of change, afraid of the unknown. They like to keep things failing.

We have seen over and over again in history that leaders have not reflected in the details and have been worse off than they were before the change. Many countries have split on controlled arms trade because it is profitable. Nobody agrees on the best way to fight a plague that fuels conflicts and wars around the world.
The illegal trade in small arms costs approximately billions of dollars annually. The illegal sale of handguns, assault rifles, machine guns and other small arms is uncontrolled, except during seminars. The global trade in small arms costs billions annually.

Of which a quarter is considered illegal, according to the annual inquiry on small arms, an authoritative report on small arms. According to reports, guns constitute the majority of deaths in wars each year.The firearms business costs billions of dollars a year, a quarter of which may be illegal or unlicensed.

There are millions of guns in the world and millions of new guns are manufactured annually by over a thousand companies in hundreds of countries. About billion units of ammunition are produced every year, enough to kill everyone in the world twice. From Africa to Asia, through Africa and the Middle East, Europe and developing countries have weapons movements.  

The arms defenders say they want the new review to support a new arms transfer treaty. The illegal trade in small arms and light weapons causes civil strife in poor countries that hinder their social, political and economic development. The illegal sale of small arms and light weapons does more than foment domestic conflicts in countries, this includes promotion of terrorism and organized crime, such as trafficking in human beings and drug trafficking.

I agree that in a globalized world there is an increasing threat and that national legislation is often adequate. Yes, I agree with others that most countries want free trade in weapons. It is true that in any war, many groups who, in principle, oppose the use of weapons do not want to retake them. They want to be part of protecting life. I think that if when an attacker attacks, everyone has to do to avoid injuries and scolding, it means reaching out in peace.

I think we need to let the global authorities not do what they want with global security as long as we have the ability to support a peaceful world.
But the real issue is that people have to leave; the government does what it wants with the money it took from us. This is about control. Every political system should put an end to poverty, terror and death. Each policy must address medicine, transport, agriculture, communications, power, education, etc., and must be shared across the globe.