An unfaithful heart.


By Kamala Sarup 

It's the real story. 

Navin left the house. He put on his shoes and hit the street in a hurry. He didn't tell his wife, he was leaving. In the last seven years, he used to go out after breakfast and tea. He always did that after work. Today, however, he rushed out when his wife was busy making tea in the kitchen. 

Mr Navin must meet Megha, a woman who was with his family. She looks so much like the moon. He imagined the great eyes of Megha that appealed to him. His big almond eyes caressed his heart as an arrow. Looking at her, he was almost tempted to lose along the way. She was really pretty last night. The red flower on her braid triumphed over all beauty before her. He takes pride in Megha. While taking advantage of a relationship with Megha, he does not even want to imagine the face of his wife. The makeup on my wife's face is not suitable. 

Makeup also seeks the good face. My wife doesn't prepare good food and can't do anything," he said. His heart to his wife is growing. He's not happy with one act from his wife. He thinks, Megha seems to him as a grape that always sees itself. Only her teeth are white. Oil on her hair and expensive fragrance on her dress still make her seem like a bride. He thought about it and immediately decided to turn it into his second wife. 

When Navin was walking down a busy street, an office colleague disturbed him. I have an urgent office job. When he said it, he broke out. On the way, he thought he could meet Megha and make her his second wife. He remembers his first wife who delivered two children.  

They could neither be divorced nor kept separate for lack of money. The man cursed his luck. He reiterated his position within the office.  

He was a newspaper worker. The wages he receives are not enough to keep all those people. His first wife, who belonged to an uneducated family, was completely unaware of everything and blamed her for having two children. He likened Magha to his wife. He wished that women should be like Magha, who is always ready to laugh, go out for lunch and dinner and looks new every time. 

Again he thought if he is, income cannot meet the needs of her; thinking so he became mad. He thinks his life would be incomplete if it wasn't for Magha. He was ready to cry. In the meantime, he was disturbed by the president of his village development committee. ‘Hello Navin! What made you behave like this? You're wearing the wrong shoes! Have you lost your mind or what " Such a bitter complaint from the President upset him. The shirt was unbuttoned as well. 

Navin had been working for 17 years without any promotion or raise. If he had been a politician, he would have at least been promoted to the presidency. Navin went ballistic himself. He thanked the chair and corrected himself every step of the way. He didn't have time to wait for Megha. He can't remember his wife and his kids. He wanted to stay overnight with Megha. He's found his own woman for troublemakers. 

You don't have enough money to look after a home and raise children. There's no need to be sad. We would eat cheaply to educate our kids. "His wife usually used to say it at the end of every month when there was a shortage of money. During this extended period of marriage the woman has nothing but a gold ring.  

He spoke himself "Perhaps my wife does not have the mind to eat and wear standard goods. The husband's progress depends on the woman's work. If his wife were active, he would have progressed with the president, he thought. He thinks he won't think about his wife. 

He made his way to Megha. He had received his wages the previous day. He had enough  sugar and oil. He decided to pick up some gifts for Megha. He imagined her face. He is very grateful. He would like to purchase a lot of things at the same time, but his income does not allow him to do that. If he had a lot of money, he'd get her fashion clothes. Its heart was filled with Megha's love. He forgot his wife who had been with him for 10 years and did not complain. His wife never complained that she had tasty food and trendy clothes. 

He went to the marketplace and bought a gift for Megha. He wanted to keep her happily ever after. People on their way seemed to be disrupting him. It's been a long journey towards Megha today. He was excited about meeting Megha. If he doesn't reach Megha in time, his wife could phone in and disturb him. It would be very bad if his wife came to know about his relationship. If his wife went away, he would accept Megha as his wife. I would leave the first wife and both children immediately, he said. 

Navin, 50, is thrilled about Megha. He wants to forget his wife, who loved him and his children. He said, "I'm not worried about people marrying Megha." 

When he approached Megha's bedroom, he corrected his hair style and dressed unconsciously He holds the transparent present and knocked at the door. After some time, the door was unlocked. This was Megha at the door. She welcomed. Navin didn't know how to deal with it. He stood by the present, watching her. -- --