US patriotism Is Important In A Democracy


US patriotism, as in other countries, runs from one extreme to another
among its citizens; that is from fervent nationalism to utter apathy.
Patriotism in the US reaches a high level during a time of war, suchas
what we have seen in Iraq and Afaganistan today, although there are many US critics of this war.

Nevertheless, for the next few days there will be millions of flags
and buntings displayed all around the US. This week, many TV channels
will show many old war movies. Because of the Iraq war, many autos
have been displaying the yellow ribbon sticker with the
slogan,"Support the troops" for many months, but they become more
convincing on July 4.

However, some Americans are opposing Iraq and Afaganistan war.

It is one thing to declare independence and another thing to achieve
it.  Congress approves a Resolution of Independence introduced on June 7 by Richard Henry Lee of Virginia.  

Norm Stanly said " On April 19, 1775, Revolutionary War begins with the
battles of Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts, between about 4,000
patriot ("rebel") minutemen and militia and about 1,800 British
troops. And June 14, at the same year congress adopts the New England
and New York forces and appoints a committee to draft regulations for
a Continental Army. It authorizes 10 companies of riflemen from
Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia. This is the birthday of the U.S.
Army and the Army Infantry. June 17, battle of Bunker Hill between
about 2,000 patriots and 2,500 British troops occurs".

Independence day and love to the nation is important in a development
and in a democracy. Since many Americans have strong beliefs,
independence day is necessary to protect American values.

Independence day making the country strong and safer. The connection
between Independence Day and the nation is that they use the values.
But In the U.S., there were many stresses on democracy. The slavery
issue was the most significant and bloody and almost resulted in the
U.S. becoming two countries, North and South of the 36th latitude in
the 1860s. In the U.S. in the 19th century, democracy and development gradually
reformed so that the people at the bottom gained some share in wealth.