We Can Stop Suicide Deaths


Published in Cape May County Herald.

Last week, I organized a group discussion on "suicide prevention and awareness" at my home. My friends and relatives were there to mourn for my friend who just committed suicide.

Our discussion turned out to be fruitful since many of my friends had experienced this problem in their social life. I learned about the problems that were related to the cause of suicide. People with such thoughts can be treated with group therapy where their problems are heard and shared. I think if people conduct local group therapy in their homes and communities it will be a help for those who are in need of it.

I have organized so many local groups and have helped individuals that were in need. Now it's your turn to do so and help the community for a better tomorrow.

My jaw dropped when I first heard that my friend was no longer with us and had committed suicide. I was grief-stricken as we grew up together and had shared so many beautiful memories that I cannot share with him anymore.

There are many causes for considering suicide. Depression was the culprit here.

I remember, for many years my friend tried to find the meaning of his life. He considered himself as an outcast. After many unsuccessful attempts from his family, they too left him alone making his life more miserable. Alone and unsatisfied, he slowly began to take his own life indirectly. Excessive drinking and pills were his only option to escape this reality so that he could be somewhere where he thought he was accepted. Due to this unnatural behavior, his wife also left him.
He was a good social worker. He dedicated his life helping poor people and children so that they could have a better future but alas, he was unable to help himself. Such was his nature that he didn’t want even his old friend to help him as he thought it would be very hard for me to manage my busy schedule.

Finally, when nothing worked for him and when no one stood by his side, he decided to end his life as he thought it would be a huge favor for everyone because he was a disappointment. There was a small letter at the end of his bedside table that revealed the cause of his act.

I think people should receive the right kind of treatment for every one of their feelings and troubles. There is a part everyone can play to make someone feel safe and loved. The right kind of medical treatment should also be available as it can be dangerous if untreated. But for this, one should take a little time from their busy schedule and try to listen to those who want someone to listen to them, as sharing a problem will ease the load from the mind. This is something that can happen to anyone in any stage of their life. This is considered as a slow and silent death. I hope the story of my friend convinces readers about the dangers of depression and how it can take the life of one, becoming the cause of death for another.
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