Weeping For Life, Beauty And Love.


Published in UPI Asia blog.

 I am walking alone on this road. It is raining lightly after a heavy shower. In the far distance, I can see cars' headlights. On this lonely and calm road, I am walking silently.

"Nights are generally fearful and dangerous. If possible, no one
should walk during the night," he used to say. Earlier, I did not care
about my father's words, but now I realize their importance.

In order to lead a disciplined life, sometimes the suggestions of
elders play a vital role. "You have a letter from home,"  my
friend  handed over a damp letter and went to take a hot bath. I
opened the letter. It was from my old friend. It was raining outside
and a slow breeze came in through the windows. I opened the letter and

"Everything is okay, but the way we live is perilous. I think there is
no meaning for sympathy." My mind ordered me to stop at the second paragraph of the letter. It was raining heavily outside. Night had fallen. I
kept the letter under my pillow and managed to fall asleep.

"It is already morning. Won't you get up?"  Her harsh voice woke
me up. The sun had already risen high into the sky. The flowers
blooming in earthen pots gave me a kind of pleasure and mental peace.
However, peace inside the mind and that outside in the environment are
two very different situations.

I can see the road. It does not lose its way, like the heart. This
might be the prime feature of a road and the difference between the
heart and the road. Vehicles and crowds make the road busy. The road
never hesitates. How happy people would be if the heart remained
inflexible, like the road.

I stop to watch the crowd and children on this particular stretch of
road. The streets are busy and the people on the street are even
busier. Nobody has time to think about others. Indeed, it is good to
be busy, but what upsets me is that I find myself alone among the
crowds of people on this road.

Yet again, I am watching people walking on the road while I sit on the
bench outside my apartment. Like the people, my hands are busy. It is
not cold outside, but I am shivering. I feel fear in my heart. A fear
that is causeless and unknown, yet it makes me shiver.

I again opened my friend's letter. "We are in sorrow," she writes. I
immediately began to compose an e-mail. "I expect love and peace in the world. I want love and peace everywhere, only love. All people should have the chance to live in peace and harmony."

"Kamu, everything and everyone seems as if they are weeping for life, love and peace. I can't remember a moment when mothers waited for their young sons to return home from work and wives accepted their own widowhood at any time. How they are weeping, beating their hearts." My friend's letter made me feel sympathetic.

"We have the right to live as freely as the flowers live in the forest
and add beauty to pride," I wrote in a symbolic way to my friend.

People are in a rush. They seem eager to meet their family members
after a long day of tiresome work at their offices. Every human being
needs another to lead a life. At present, I am not thinking about life
and death. I think about life and love. Life is a long journey, a
never-ending journey. I intend to compose a poem on love.

At present, I take a vow that my journey must make a new turn. I am in
a hurry to fly, like a white pigeon. I am in a hurry to return back to
 work for freedom, peace, love and companionship.