Why I trust an economic reform?


If we devote to technological education like programming, which is labor-intensive. Even that requires spending lots of money providing technical educations. Even so, we need to have sufficient money. To better the technical competence. If one has sufficient money to start towards economic improvement. It would be a major contribution to the economic system. If some scholars would do a cash flow analysis of the economy. To define with some precision where Our money comes from and where it goes.

That analysis might suggest some social transformations. That would accumulate it in sufficient quantities to spend on improving its technology. A cash flow analysis of the economy might be a start to fix. Whether or not we are able to move up the economic ladder or remain on the lower spokes.

"The economic transformation" would start out to empower economically. In my impression, because (1) we spend enough amount of money on economic development. And (2) people can support of social, domestic economic reforms".

How to contribute to the social, economic transformation?, it is helpful to have an approximation of how fundamental social/economic changes can come about? What about technical education, occupations, personal growth, reform?

The "wealth" are the goods and services that a person can command for his/her employment. In your household, your jobs, and savings are examples of wealth. The "growth" that presents a person access to wealth. From an economist's viewpoint, money is not wealth. Money gives access to wealth. (In the nomenclature of the street, however, money is considered wealth too.)

I think it would be better to say, there has always been a macroeconomic policy which is essential for economic growth. It is also indispensable if one is going to avoid very high rates of inflation. There are things in addition to simply raising real incomes that can cause a difference. And, of course, there is lots we need to learn both in terms of what has been effected. And what has not been effective.

Countries have to develop organized instruments to achieve their military, political, economic, societal, religious, and intellectual objectives. Economic change must get only through reforms. So let me take policy design and particularly look at that in terms of economic prosperity.
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