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 Literature is an endeavour of searching the space of sentiment and feeling. The feeling and sentiment connects one person with another. Science and technology can never and in no age can ignore the feeling and sensibility of the creator. The  science and technology can never challenge this truth of a creation. In this age of science too, Milton is known as England, Homer is known as Greece, Vergil is known as Rome, Frost is known as America, Bhanubhakta is known as Nepal, Ravindra Nath Tagor is known in India. A writer writes simply because he can create emotion, sentiment and feeling in his creation. 

Poet Gopal Parajuli said "In my book of the god is personified to man. My assumption is that the man with the power of divinity can lead the world and can play the role as god, and at the same time can protect the universe with His greatness and strength. I have projected this new thing in my book. This very fact perhaps might have provided this opportunity".  I reject theoretical concept in literature. As an experimental writer I want to explore new things in my literary work. I like to present new things as time dictates and demands. To achieve my goal I have developed my philosophy in writing through which I go with my writer. To observe life and the world through literature and to explore peace, happiness and pleasure for mankind and to explore oneself from there is my philosophy. The main aim of my life is to seek peace, love, pleasure and happiness for mankind.

Many words have lost their meanings and the meaning of truth has been changed. This has compelled human to seek meaning in each step of their lives. For us the only quest is about the truth. Even in writings that I have gone through, I found the same thing. Hence, it is due to the truth I am maintaining my linkage with western writing.

"After the Nietzsche's declaration of the death of god, the world is left alone without a humane leader. The world after the declaration, is going ahead randomly, almost lawlessly and in disorderly way.To set the world in order, and to restore love, peace harmony and happiness a dynamic leader's arrival is necessary in the world. At such a time, I have challenged Nietzsche, and declared a new god within man. Thus, challenging Nietzsche, I am going a step forward establishing avant-garde trend in my writing". he said.

This is the age of globalization. As a pioneering magazine of language and literary and cultural studies, writers who have assimilated themselves in the flow of writing. Some of the writers have touched upon the arena of postmodernism and have brought postmodern trend in their writing crossing the boarder of modernism.  The feeling, emotion and sentiment of man never dies. These are the elements of spirit. Human lives in feeling, emotion and sentiment before and after death. The feeling of spirit after death makes a human positive towards life.

I am positive towards life, so towards spirit. Some people may argue that literary creation as an outcome of continual endeavour. Creation is essentially an outcome of inherent ingenuity. The living creation cannot be created by an endeavour. Inherent ingenuity is the must. A writer is born not made. The opinions and ideas of others should be regarded.

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