Writer Parijat And Love


“Love is a sovereign experience in human beings only”. Parijat said.

“The country cannot develop unless there is development of literature. I am a woman who seeks accepts and worships geniuses. The duty of a literature is not to create a hero. The work of a literature is to pickup and present heroes. I take myself to be honest writer.” writer Parijat had said.

Originally from Darjeeling, Parijat has created a sense of love. She noticed when she writes the poem the sky had become cloudier. Hoping the rain showers. She knew that whenever she looked at her flowers she felt as if the world tittled a fraction. She loved, loved the way she talked and laughed, loved the way she could play, she would love year in and year now. She wanted to look at her stories and poems, look into her soft eyes forever and ever and tell herself what she really felt, but the words were forbidden. Most of her stories, epic and poems have enliven the love and hate relationship. In her stories and poems she has depicted the life of different classes of people.

Though she was physically weak, Parijat was mentally strong and intelligent. Parijat had been continuously writing poetry, and stories on various issues. Parijat writes in depth so she is not difficult to read. Her epic deal with the spread of love and emotion. Her Shirisk Ko Phool (Blue Mimosa) enhanced her as a literary woman and has become an epic of our hearts. “Shirisk Ko Phool” had enhanced the literary personality of parijat. Parijat had written in her stories, There are no definites in life. Of course, our lives are definitely obliged to accept this.

Writer Shankar Lamichhane had said, “I love Parijat. This could be the only definition of love and the relationship that I have with her.” Parijat also had love for Shankar Lamichhane. However, she remained unmarried throughout her life.

I know all about Parijat and, by knowing such things, I have also tried to make myself closer to her.

Total of twenty-one of Parijat’s writings (books) were published.
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