Requirements for higher incomes

 Are we takeing special steps to ensure the people get appropriate education and employment? What steps do we  think should be taken to combat unemployment and poverty? How do we see the present economic crisis ?What should be the immediate role of the people? Till date poverty could not have reduced in real terms because the implication of poverty reduction programs is being ineffective.  


Depression, Woman And Searching For Happiness

She feels pain in this way also: that almost no member of her own household could offer her the love she expected.  Now, even the idea of home brings fear in her. Therefore, in the morning when she goes out of her home, every time she is discharged with the thought of her possible returning home in the evening. Although the place where your own parents and sister live, should be pleasant yet the people who don't understand her well, begin to connect all kinds of things at that time. She is mostly sad.



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