Women in the legal profession

(When I was growing up, I wanted to be a successful lawyer or a doctor. My objective was to defend people or help people. Only later on I became more interested in economics, teaching, literature and news media. In any case, it is very important to be successful economically. If you don’t want to endure a poor life, you need to educate yourself.

Economic policy to reduce poverty.

I am focusing to fight poverty from the arrangement. My stress from an economic point of judgment. My debate is here, why an economic policy needs to be regenerated? Even money was spent reducing poverty.

Why Ineffective, corrupted leaders need to be wiped out?

There are two different issues being discussed in this clause. I believe corruption is becoming out of control in politics.

I don’t want to be a Capitalist or Socialist. The new economic system required.

Why I want to commence a new majority rule based on economic freedom? A new economic democracy is really need to the world to defeat extreme poverty, discrimination and disease.

Improving higher income, capitalism or socialism?

I am focusing on this article about the importance of the specific requirements for higher incomes. 

Evolution and a market economy

I want to stress in this article how Increasing the development will increase the production rate? How it will increase the commodities produced and delivered?.

Economic policy between rich and poor

I want to outline in this article about the importance of putting out the objectives of economics. Because economy means consumer or producer goods and service that is used to be dealt.

Education to accomplish a financial success

I am arguing in this article how helping poor students would help to build a great financial success to the nation. I have also sketched in this clause.


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