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The success of effective economic system

I have outlined some significant aspect of Economy in this clause. What is a sound economic system? Political stability and patriotic economic policy need to be enforced. Bunch of lazy politicians is a menace for the nation’s growth.

Author: Kamu Budhathoki 'Sarup'

Operating an obligated democracy.

I have sketched in this article how obligated democracy works? Incompetent and selfish political leaders are worth to sustain in democracy? Is that how democracy works?

Sufficient economic, judicial and political equality for growth.

I have sketched in this article how we can defeat grassroots level of impoverishment? How we can prepare for sufficient economic, juridical and political equality?. My focal point is how economic policy will affect the development? What role do we require to raise? What about education, public policy, growth, alternative institutions, reform?

Why I trust an economic reform?

If we devote to technological education like programming, which is labor-intensive. Even that requires spending lots of money providing technical educations. Even so, we need to have sufficient money.

When Failed Political Leaders Gain Power

If the failed political leaders gain complete power, the subsequent history of this beautiful World is likely to follow the history of many other countries that adopted failed leaders or politics for a while, only to reject

Responsible leadership, economic democracy

In the meanwhile as before: poverty, unemployment, price rises,murder, is to continue. Political groups are to continue with their agitations. Political leaders are to spend their time and energy in wrangling and " talks". People are to continue suffering with lack of law and order and uncontrolled and uneven inflation and commodity prices.

Reducing Poverty and unemployment

Economic development will reduce poverty. If the leaders of countries promote education and economic development values that emphasize national and international identification, then the poverty will diminish, in the long run. If leaders promote sufficient economic, judicial and political equality, then the people at the bottom of the ladder will not want to topple those at the top.


Lawlessness have increased rape of women

Media have been reporting on the violence against women. Victimized women due to poverty, illiteracy, and social exclusion do not have the capacity to seek justice without help.


Song of a Bird

Published in cactusnepal.blogspot.com

Krisu Chhetri is one of well-known Nepali poets. His recently published book Charaa ko Geet, ‘Song of a Bird’ has been popular among Nepali poetry lovers.


HIV infections among men/women

This is one of the real stories.  It shows how women are emotionally involved and suffer from their relationship and how they cannot fight for their health, when they find that their partners are bad on them and infected with HIV. There are many women and men who do not think much about their health. These women and men are threats to health, empowerment and dignity.

"To have good relationship together reserves some meaning if our good character tie in a rope"-my friend Banu was amazed to hear it from her boyfriend.



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