Homicide, prosecutions were not being brought


Although there is no simple and universally accepted definition of homicide crime but in simple words, a homicide crime is unlawful act punishable by the authority or a state. Hence, there exist different categories or different types of misconduct such as personal, property, inchoate and statutory crimes that is not accepted by the community or a state. Homicide and domestic violence is considered as one of the biggest crime today even when homicide violence laws are very strict.

Globally,thousands of homicide violence cases are filed and the guilty face severe legal consequences leading to heavy fines. This has caused many deaths and murder creating a dangerous situation for every family. Police are working very hard to make sure no homicide violence occurs especially against women and children. They arrest the abuser as soon as they have the information.

Homicide violence is one of the biggest crimes is leading to death and murder, and creating dangerous situation causing family unsafe. On the other side, many people, mostly women, are killed by their partners or ex-partners every year. According to the New Jersey Coalition for Battered Women, each year there are more than thousands incidents of domestic violence reported to police. Women are six times more likely to be amused when there is an armed weapon in the house. report said.

But according to NJ Advance Media survey of county prosecutor’s office homicides in New Jersey declined in 2016. Attorney General Christopher S. Porrino said in a statement. “We will continue to aggressively crack down on violent crime and the drug trafficking trade, as well as to take steps to prevent addiction before it starts”.

It is important to have a homicide crime free world and community thus we need to improve the strong legal stand against homicide violence. Although, many laws have been passed against discrimination and violence, addressing the problems will not always solve it. We need to sort out social conditions causing this issue. If we have the right kind of awareness program, especially targeted towards woman and children, it will help them raise their voices and give them a right to defend themselves. Violence is dangerous, whether in the form of attack by family members or by criminals. I think it is very important for people, especially women to be aware and should try to avoid this situation. There is a higher chance of getting infected by deadly viruses if a woman gets assaulted sexually. And if the abuser does get caught, the punishment s/he gets will be for a short period of time. This encourages them to continue the same act after getting out which I think is not a solution for this problem. Globally, promises, treaties and legal mechanisms have been created but most of the authority have failed to protect victims because prosecutions were not being brought against offenders. -- http://www.mediaforfreedom.com